January 21, 2008

So we went to church yesterday and we met a nice family that was visiting. Turns out, the mommy of the family reads my blog, which was pretty cool and kinda made my day even though that’s probably not very noble because the sermon or the hymns or something else more noble should’ve been more noble.


So my 5-year-old befriended this family’s oldest daughter, whose name happened to be Sienna. Very pretty. Very unusual. I’m so into pretty, unusual names. Anyway, for the rest of the day, all we heard about was this little girl, and how she had on such a pretty, twirly dress and how she was SO NICE and how much fun she was to play with and how much our 5-year-old wished that they would come EVERY potluck Sunday (hint, hint) so that she could play with her, and on and on and on until I wanted to call the family, ask them if they take Mastercard, and PAY them to come back a few more times so that 5-year-old could get the Sienna thing out of her system. If that’s possible. But every time our daughter talked about this sweet girl, she could NOT get her name right. First it was something that resembled “Santa”. Then it became “Sinna”, which I’m sure her parents would not appreciate. And every time I corrected her, she couldn’t understand that……..really!……..her name is Sienna!

On another note. This same daughter also spent the afternoon, when she wasn’t running around being scarily wound up with Santa, approaching the young men in the church, ages 17 and over, to give her piggy-back rides. These are young men she’s never spoken to before, but demanded that they become her horse. I’m sure that her extraordinary cuteness persuaded them to succumb to her small-child wiles and do her bidding. She even had them whinny-ing.

I’m scared what this will translate into when she’s 18.


4 Responses to “Yesterday”

  1. Heather said

    Hi Allison,

    I am a faithful reader, first time commentor. I am a friend of Lori’s and Susan’s and stumbled on your blog from their sites.

    I just want to thank you for the chuckles..honestly. You are toooo funny. I look so forward to your blogs as they make me laugh out loud. You have such an amazing ability to find the humor in what most would consider..the mundane.

    Blessings to you and your family!!!

  2. Kristen said

    We had the same problem recently with a little girl that our girls met at the YMCA. Her name was Ashley. Sweet, innocent and cute name. The way our youngest pronounced it, I honestly thought she had learned her first curse word!! My advice, have various 2-4 year old pronounce baby names before deciding on one for your baby! We picked Grace for our youngest. Her sister called her Greasie for a few months! YIKES!

  3. Alyson said

    Ah yes…the power of our beauty. I use it with my husband all the time 😉

  4. Chris and Wanda said

    Hi Allison!

    I was so glad to meet you, too. Sorry about the “Sienna” thing; Chris said that he noticed some little girl really liked Sienna a lot. We loved visiting the church and hope to visit again. Reading your blog is like a fly living on my wall, and I only have 3 with 1 on the way! Thanks for keeping motherhood and wifehood real and still Christian!

    BTW, the dress is bought by Grandma and will be passed on until it is threadbare. Buying twirly dresses is just not a priority for me!

    Hope you are well, Wanda

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