Suppertime Again…..

January 25, 2008

Suppertimes at our house are…….um…….interesting. They’re either fantastic blog fodder, or just really loud and really annoying. On the loud/annoying nights, here is how the noise and irritation play out……

Smallest child: “Yell! Whine! Screech!” (Which means, “I swallowed my last bite .000000001 seconds ago, and WHY is the next one not in my mouth yet? Don’t TELL me that you’re actually thinking of feeding YOURSELF!”)

2-year-old: “Mommy, I like Miss A! Mommy! Mommy! Mommy! Mommy!” And, in your head, be sure that this mantra is being yelled continually in the background of all these OTHER conversations, AND during EVERY CONVERSATION I HAVE ALL DAY LONG!

3-year-old: “Mommy, my swimsuit is blue and pink and you have one just like it and when we went swimming, I wore goggles and swam underneath to Daddy and……..” This is when I must smile, nod, and turn my attention to……

5-year-old: “Mommy! I figured out a new dance that I want to show you after supper. Can I? Huh? Mommy?”

7-year-old, to older brothers: “And then the SEALS took their guns, and…..” Whenever I hear the word “guns”, my attention is immediately diverted elsewhere. Otherwise, I will be sucked into a conversation that is made up of all 3 older boys telling me in painful (and I DO mean painful!) detail how this gun differs from that one, and what this one will shoot and from what distance, and……….you get the idea, right? Please tell me you get the idea.

9-year-old, to older and younger brother: (see above)

11-year-old, to younger brothers: (see above)

13-year-old: “So if I spend my Christmas money at Goodwill, and I stick to only the $.99 clothing, then that means I can get 20 pieces of clothing with my $20 gift certificate!”

And every one of these conversations is either happening at the same time, or back-to-back, with only a slight pause to shove in more food.

Tonight, however, there was some excitement that was loud, which differs from normal suppertime loudness in that it makes everyone stop talking for a split second to see what all the loudness is for, and that is a nice reprieve from the usual loudness, plus it’s fun to watch everyone’s facial reactions to the loud statement. (I think I won an award there for Most Times the Word “Loud” is Said in One Sentence, Even Though it is Not an Extremely Interesting Sentence)

3-Year-Old began crying for no apparent reason to either of us parents. Quickly, we were informed that she had been shoving pancakes in her mouth at extreme speeds so as to be able to get more. Another child spoke up and said that he told her to slow down, at which time she began crying quite pitifully, thereby eliciting reactions from tall family members. So various small children began telling the offending child that he should not have made her cry, etc., etc., blah, blah, blah, which made said offending child stand up and yell……..


And then he sat down and finished his supper.

So loudness AND interesting blog fodder all-in-one! Pretty cool!


4 Responses to “Suppertime Again…..”

  1. Susan said

    I now understand we will never have a quiet meal in our home because I really thought we were doing something wrong. I guess when you have a big family you are going to have noise.Thanks for sharing so we don’t have to think there is something wrong with our family.

  2. Anonymous said

    I’m laughing so hard I’m getting tears! But, I just don’t know WHAT you are talking about! Loudness at supper? That neeeeeeeeeever happens at OUR house!! HA! You know it’s LOUD when the littlest loud-maker (4yo) is louder than usual and it goes like this: Mom: “Nameofchild! Nameofchild!!” and then, incredulous b/c child didn’t acknowledge you the FIRST TIME you said his name (a big no-no), “NAMEOFCHILD!!!!!!!!!” and child just looks at you while continuing to make his louder than usual noise b/c he can’t HEAR you b/c he is trying to hear himSELF above all the other noise and all he sees is Mom’s mouth moving. Ahhh, life with many children, wouldn’t live it any other way! 🙂

  3. Anonymous said

    And I hope my previous comment makes sense, b/c I didn’t proofread it nor check it for sense-making, nor did I even sign my usual initials b/c I clicked the wrong silly box and sent it off instead of pre-viewing it. Oh well. And I’m not even pregnant! 🙂 TW

  4. Allison said

    I’m so w/ Susan on this one…..It is incredibly refreshing to know that other large families have loud mealtimes!!! THanks for sharing, TW! You make me feel (almost) normal, which is pretty hard to do! =)

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