Friday afternoon

January 26, 2008

I wrote this post Friday, but wasn’t happy with it. Today I was inspired to polish it up for a few minutes and then publish it. So here goes……..

We were in town today to do some stuff that needed doing. We planned this trip around an Open House for my husband’s new building. The Air Force Weather Geeks got their own building and it actually has windows, which is kinda important if you happen to actually BE an AFWG (Air Force Weather Geek, for the Acronym-ly Challenged). So we loaded up the double stroller and showed up this afternoon and got the grand tour from The Yummiest Air Force Weather Geek in the World. They won’t even be able to move into this new building until the summer, so we got to see all these HUGE rooms with no furniture, and the kids ran and ran and rolled around on the floor and jumped and acted like kids in a big, huge room with no furniture. We got to see the big, huge room where the Weather Geek Programmers will be, and the big, huge room where the contractors will work, and the big, huge room where the secure area will be, and you get the idea, right?

About halfway through this tour, 2-Year-Old began asking me the same, non-understandable question over and over. And over. I tried to figure it out for 30 minutes, offering multiple choices of what it COULD mean, but was met with blank stares. And the question continued. FINALLY, I figured it out! As we walked down each nicely-carpeted, color-coordinated hallway, complete with doors that opened onto this hallway, confusion must have set in because her question to me was……..

“Mommy? Where’s the swimming pool?”

We were in the Air Force Weather Agency, and she was thinking Embassy Suites. No wonder she had some tears as we were leaving. She was wondering where the donuts and bananas and yogurt and made-to-order breakfast were!


3 Responses to “Friday afternoon”

  1. Anonymous said

    I was researching the Biblical meaning of olive plants, and found your website. I was so blessed by how you’ve shared your life as a wife and mother. And the humor, I love it! I’m a very blessed wife of 9 years and mother of 4, so this really refreshes me. I can so relate to the labor thing. And I agree with the translating of toddler lingo. That would of kept me awake past my bedtime, trying to figure it out. Glad you got it before then. God bless, sister!

  2. Susan said

    She has really been thinking about swimming a lot lately. Maybe she’s as sick of winter as I am.

  3. Allison said

    Anonymous, welcome! Thank you for the encouraging words. I hope you enjoy reading!

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