January 28, 2008

So I played a little trick on the kids tonight. I’m a fun mom that way. I acted like we were thinking about moving back to the, GASP!, city!!!! We had driven by the new military housing on Friday, and I wanted to see if they wished we would move back near thrift stores…..I mean, into town…….or if they loved where we live now, in our old farmhouse in the country, surrounded by 4000 acres of farmland. Here are a few of their answers for your Sunday evening enjoyment, or your Monday morning entertainment since no one really reads this blog on the weekends. Not that I care about that kind of thing, or anything.

13-year-old: “I want to stay here because, otherwise, the cats would die without me around, and I would find life not worth living unless they could go with us.” More or less.

3-year-old: “I want to move to the city, but we have to remember to bring my princess coloring book and my tiny dolls and my crayons…..” And this went on and on until I explained to her that all her toys and clothes would go with us. But she still wanted to move, although she was unable to tell me why. She’s gonna stink at therapy if she ever has to go.

11-year-old: “We HAVE to stay here because we wouldn’t have any land to hunt on, and Daddy won’t buy a hunting license, and I couldn’t shoot my gun…….” Blah, blah, guns, blah, hunting, blah, blah, guts, blah blah, skinning, blah. Guy stuff like that.

7-year-old, who has trouble answering questions in a direct (and appropriate) manner:…………….

“I just want to move to a big bunch of woods and live with all boys, and we can be naked all day long!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

So I put him on the “Don’t Want to Move to the City” side. Because nakedness in town is frowned upon. I think. Military housing regulations could be different, however. I’ll have to check.


3 Responses to “Trick”

  1. Susan said

    I love the 7 year olds comment. Living in the woods naked. Now aren’t you glad you live in the country.

  2. Kristen said

    I actually do read it on the weekend, but usually there aren’t many posts =)
    Not that I am complaining! My blog usually goes to the side during weekends as well.
    Hope you are still feeling good!

  3. Anonymous said

    It sounds like a go… except for 7-year-old 🙂 I can understand 13-year-old… I, also, am a cat-lover!

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