So Here’s the Deal…….

January 29, 2008

Basically? Blogger stinks. There are probably 2 times a week that I am unable to even get to the Blogger site, and even more unable to post. I’m kinda tired of it. Because when I DO get the time to post, it is fleeting. And when I get the chance, and there’s a good post flitting around inside my head, I want to get it written and published before I forget it or am distracted by a stinky diaper.

Plus, my parents are having trouble commenting and this is a biggie for me. Because I know that one day, my blog posts are gonna look like this:
Got up today.
Had some orange juice.
Looked outside.
Sun shining.
Ironed husband’s underwear.
Went to the grocery store.
Bought salad greens.
But only one small head because all the children are gone.
BUT MY PARENTS WILL STILL BE READING IT BECAUSE THEY WILL FEEL SORRY FOR ME AND BECAUSE THEY WILL WANT ME TO FEEL LOVED AND SPECIAL……kinda like when they told me I was beautiful when I was 13, weighed 67 pounds, had enormous buckteeth, humongous glasses, and scarily large feet. And greasy hair.

So I feel obligated to helping them be able post comments easily. And because they affirm me and I like that.

So the point of all of this is that I will be moving this blog sometime in the (hopefully) near future, so look for the update and be ready to change your bookmarks! Because I don’t want to lose any one of you! Except Creepy Commenter Guy. He can go away now.


4 Responses to “So Here’s the Deal…….”

  1. Susan said

    I can’t even imagine the day when I will have a post like the one you just said. I will be sniffing and sad just like you . I hope to always have laughter in our home.
    Sorry about you always having problems with blogger.

  2. Anonymous said

    Good move! Love your blogs!

  3. Nana C said

    Really kind of surprised to read your blog as it was today. I do hope you will not have continued problems with blogger time. God is love, oh praise him, God is love!!!! Nana C

  4. Nina said

    You really iron his underwear???

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