A Post in Which I Admit My Extraordinary Talent of Being a Complete and Total Dork

January 30, 2008

So I found out AFTER I had written the last post that the site I was thinking about moving my blog to doesn’t let me sell things. Like my book. By the way, did you know that I have a book for sale? And that the few people that HAVE bought it, have really really enjoyed it? So much so, that they are passing it around to all of their friends INSTEAD OF GIVING THEIR FRIENDS THE URL FOR THIS BLOG AND TELLING THEM TO BUY IT FOR THEMSELVES?

(Did it seem just now with all the caps in the last sentence, that I was, like, yelling at you? Okay. Just wanted to make sure that came through the way I intended. =) )

I also found out that I really LIKE Blogger, despite my last post, and I am THANKFUL for Blogger and will never try to leave again. And that perhaps the levels of pregnancy hormones coursing through my veins right now may have made me a tad bit emotional about the hosting site for my blog. But just a tad.

So I’m staying here, and will grin and bear the problems I have had with Blogger. I am in MAJOR nesting mode, so I may have to redo this page with new colors and fonts and stuff. Yeah. That’ll make me feel better.

And I know that the new baby will appreciate the new look that came about because I wanted to make everything all nice and pretty and clean and grammatically correct for her/him.


One Response to “A Post in Which I Admit My Extraordinary Talent of Being a Complete and Total Dork”

  1. Round Belly said

    Grammatically correct? Oh man,you have it bad. Right now, I am only in the “I think I will scrub out and organize every kitchen cupboard phase”

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