Morning Thoughts. And They’re Disjointed Too, By the Way.

January 31, 2008

So my blog is officially blocked now from all military servers on base. Which means that my husband doesn’t read this at work anymore, which means that my stats are down because he doesn’t refresh this page 52 times a day, and other military members who read this blog and, after meeting me last week asked my husband “HOW tall is your wife?”, thus making it seem like lots and lots of smart, intelligent, and attractive people actually DON’T read my blog, which shouldn’t really matter to me, but does because, right now? I need all the love I can get. See, last night my husband jokingly asked me how far I was away now from HIS weight now, which just isn’t funny. When we married, I weighed 100 POUNDS less than he did. And now? Um. Not so much. And I know it shouldn’t matter to me, but it just does, okay?

My whole intention of this post today was to acknowledge the fact of my boring-ness lately, and that I hope to be coming out of it in the very near future. Like today. As in, possible blog-fodder occurring today and this weekend. Since, apparently, I’m not in ENOUGH misery, I plan to do a batch of Mega-Cooking this weekend, which means that I will be making 64 meals over the next 2 days. Which means that I will be dragging all 8 of my children around Walmart this morning JUST because I need some blog inspiration. Also? The high temperature today is supposed to be 21. With wind. And it probably also means that some small child who is slowly draining our retirement fund in order to purchase diapers, will fill those diapers with the kind of icky that only occurs when you’re out in public without wipes or an extra outfit. And another child will throw a tremendous fit in a store over the fact that a sibling blinked at her. And maybe we’ll even experience a freezing up of our car DVD player which would be hugely traumatic, trust me.

But, hey, I’ll have something interesting to blog about if I live through it!


4 Responses to “Morning Thoughts. And They’re Disjointed Too, By the Way.”

  1. Susan said

    I can already picture it. I feel for you. I just don’t enjoy our once a month wal-mart trips.

  2. Kristen said

    And you don’t think this is interesting? I do!!! Anything you do with 8 kids HAS to be interesting!! Happy Shopping!

  3. Nina said

    I’m picturing you loading that many groceries into your car at 21 degrees with wind, and my lips are turning blue. My fingers are numb.
    I think I’m having sympathetic hypothermia. But then, I’m such a wuss about being cold, I think my salvation may have come earlier if the Bible said hell were a place of eternal ice.

  4. Nina said

    P.S. I’m really trying not to be jealous that your husband voluntarily reads your blog. Just so you know 🙂

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