February 1, 2008

So. Two kinda noteworthy things happened today.

And let me just interject here that if you are a mom who searches for a cure for cancer in her spare time, or flies a C-130 for a day job, or is a member of Mensa, you will SO not find these 2 things noteworthy. BUT. If you are a plain ‘ole mom like me, living your every-days as joyfully as possible while dirty diapers pile up in the trash can and dirty clothes pile up in the laundry room, and you think lisps on 2-year-olds are adorable, and you get a kick out of telling your oldest child to go bake some bread for supper……AND SHE DOES BECAUSE YOU TAUGHT HER TO……well then, you might just understand the kinda-noteworthiness coming up.

1. This morning, I discovered that one of the short people who lives in my house had oh-so-helpfully washed the bristles of my toothbrush for me. In hand soap. Honeysuckle-scented. And then I drank an entire glass of orange juice as I was rushing out the door. Bad combo, by the way. I almost had to stop for chocolate to get the competing tastes out of my mouth.

2. The 3-year-old spent 20 minutes (and I’m not joking) crying hysterically in the back seat because she didn’t like the color of the sippy-cup I gave her. Seriously.

Other than that, the day went really well. Apparently, everyone in our area is scared to go to Walmart now because of a bomb threat recently in the midwest at a Walmart. I tell ya……that’s the time to go!!!! Okay, so maybe there COULD be a bomb in the store, but if I’m gonna take my chances of that occurring, or walking through Walmart unimpeded? I’ll take my chances that there are explosives hidden behind the Huggies! I mean, come on!! Wouldn’t you?!


5 Responses to “Today……”

  1. Alyson said

    oh Yay!!! the 20 minute crying for no reason is normal!!!!!
    my 3 year old does the same thing about her socks,her sleeves, and her mittens.
    makes it easier to tolerate when you know other 3 year olds do the same thing.

  2. Nina said

    Hilarious! I can see it now, the SWAT team forcibly removing you from the store while you plead with them for more time because the aisles are empty and there are no checkout lines.
    Once when I was dragging my feet about cleaning the hair color out of my sink, my then 5 year old did it for me, with MY toothbrush! But at least she told me before I used it 🙂

  3. Kristen said

    WOW. I had no idea that the perfect color of sippy cups was important to YOUR kids too!!! Amazing.

  4. happygeek said

    Oh, that is too funny!!! Gotta love honey-suckle flavoured toothpaste!

  5. Joanna said

    That’s funny, right about new year’s day my two-year-old put hand soap on my toothbrush, but I didn’t know. So I brushed my teeth with hand soap. I had flashbacks to childhood when Mom would wash my mouth out with soap when I said “stupid” or somethinglike that.

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