One of Those Questions Again

February 3, 2008

Yesterday, 3-Year-Old asked this question…….

And let me just say that she had a big smile on her face, and her eyes were wide and sparkling.

“Mommy? When the new baby is born, will 1-year-old go back into your tummy?”

And I answered with this sentence, which will be added to the annals of Sentences I Can’t Believe I Actually Uttered…….

“No. No one in this house will ever go back into Mommy’s tummy again, okay? You’ll just get bigger and bigger until you’re a lady.”

And just so you know, if you ever want to make an Extremely Pregnant Woman cringe, double over, fight mightily to hold back tears, and maybe dry heave once or twice, ask her the same question, but be sure to add that the 1-year-old now weighs 25 pounds and carries toy guns around for fun.


4 Responses to “One of Those Questions Again”

  1. Susan said

    I love it. This one was too funny. I can’t believe she asked if he would go back in your tummy. I love kids and the way they think.

  2. Anonymous said

    25 pounds… gun-in-hand… would he even fit???

    Yours truly,

  3. Nana C said

    Yep, the kids tell it all, and leave us wondering, so much fun!!!!! Nana C

  4. Nana C said

    Ok, you may get 2 comments, as sometimes trouble occurs on the comment section, but usually it ok again.. anyway yep, those lovable children show us their thinking skills at the best times to give us all the more to love them , they keep us laughing!!!!! Nana C

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