A Post that Guys Won’t Really Understand

February 4, 2008

There is irony in my life right now, which I find irritating and slightly amusing in a……well……ironic kind of way. Weird, huh?

Here it is:

On those few months every year when I’m not pregnant, I happen to be a decent weight, have a thin(ish) figure, clear skin, non-floppy arms, and non-cottage-cheesey legs.

But only about 9 hairs on my head.

I come from a long line of not-blessed-with-lots-of-hair genetics. I would really love to jump over to my sister-in-law’s line of genetics that includes so much hair, she almost falls over from carrying it around on top of her head, and MUST have it cut often to keep it thinned out. Oh, the woes of thick hair! I feel so sorry for her! Anyway, back to the non-pregnant, fairly-attractive-except-for-the-see-through-hair-part subject I was on. Here is the ironic part. When I AM pregnant, I am not very pleasant to look at. Places on me grow larger and I don’t just mean my belly, although that gets VERY large. Have I mentioned the cottage cheese lately? And the floppy arms? And the general squishiness that I don’t normally possess?


I have a headful of hair and EVERY DAY is a good hair day at this point in my pregnancy! See the irony?

It’s just annoying that when I’m at my yuckiest, my hair totally ROCKS!

And in a few months, all this mostly-brown, naturally wavy hair will be in my kids’ food and clogging up the sink drain and heaped on the side of the tub and stuck in the vacuum. And I will cry, and it won’t be post-partum depression because I don’t have time to get that with 9 kids running around. It will be because I want all that hair back!

So if you think through this, you will understand the reason why we have so many children……..it’s because when I’m pregnant, I have FANTASTIC hair that I possess at NO OTHER TIME IN MY LIFE!!! That’s a good and noble reason to procreate, right? I think it’s in the Bible somewhere!


4 Responses to “A Post that Guys Won’t Really Understand”

  1. Round Belly said

    I am sure someone could argue that wigs and implants may be cheaper then children- but it just wouldn’t be as fun.

  2. trish said

    I personally would totally cheat and photoshop my great hair on to my non-preggie body and be the perfect woman of my dreams! I think that is in the Bible too! Something about charm and beauty being deceitful and fleeting??? *LOL*

    And on the wig thing…it would always be crooked from one of the nine kiddies playing with it!

  3. Joanna said

    Finally, someone understands me!

  4. Ashley said

    That’s funny. I don’t struggle with the hair thing, but the body thing I totally get. However, when I was pregnant (only had one so far), I felt justified in my grossness and now I just feel gross. It’s almost been 7 months and my belly is still floppy… what’ up with that? Hmm..I’ve never struggled to stay “small” now it seems my lot! 🙂 Enjoyed your site!

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