2-Year-Old Prayer

February 6, 2008

So 2-Year-Old has a new Prayer Strategy. Instead of thanking the Lord for her blessings or asking Him for wisdom and self-control for the day, or interceding on the behalf of others (I had to switch that around. My first attempt was “others’ behalfs” or should it have been “others’ behalves”? See the dilemma?), she informs God of the happenings in her little world. Like, the weather report. The fact that she loves Miss A. The reality of my parents’ eternal search for the perfect house. Mommy’s unfortunate weight gain. Stuff like that.

It’s highly entertaining, which I realize is not what prayer is supposed to be, but I’ll bet it’s also extremely amusing to God, and THAT’S gotta be a good thing, right?


3 Responses to “2-Year-Old Prayer”

  1. Susan said

    I like the part about the search for the perfect house. I thought we all knew that there was no perfect house, and if I am wrong could you let me know because I would like to find that perfect house someday. Sorry for the RU.

  2. Nana C said

    And through their prayers, we can have that smile come to our face and see God through them, especially at dinner, when they are hungry (short prayer, or long)and at bedtime, long or if they might fall asleep while waiting for you to come pray with them! God bless you, praying with you while a newborn brings your family happiness, soon……Nana C

  3. Anonymous said

    Stinky Diaper Warning. Oh my stars! I’m STILL laughing about that one. GREAT blog! Mother

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