A Post in Which I Assault You With My Extreme Irritation With Weather Forecasters

February 6, 2008

Okay. So now I’m mad. I spent all day yesterday, when I wasn’t doing the, you know, mother thing, breathlessly anticipating and watching out for the 6 to 8 inches of snow we were supposed to get!!!!!!!!!!! I mean, when you are a Weather Forecaster and you find yourself putting out a WINTER STORM WARNING, make sure that there actually IS a winter storm COMING! Because we got a “dusting” of snow, and let me just say that there have been times when that much actual dust was on my furniture, and I didn’t even feel the need to go to the trouble of removing it, SUCH WERE THE MINISCULE AND COMPLETELY UNWORTHY-OF-DUSTING AMOUNTS!!!!!!!!!!! I told my husband this morning that weathermen make me mad and must not be very intelligent (except for HIM, of course) and HOW HARD can it be to predict fairly serious amounts of snow? I mean, isn’t there some sort of SOMEthing that makes it pretty easy to see the clouds BURSTING with snow that hasn’t fallen yet? Maybe a sensor of some kind that beeps or sends you a fax or something when they are heavy with snow and MUST get rid of it over our house? And he responded with…….”Well, they said 100% chance of snow, and they were right. It’s not 100% chance of 6 to 8 inches of snow!”

And I’m thinking, well, why not?!

When I get up every day, there are many, many things I am sure of. I WILL be changing at LEAST 2 stinky diapers that day. I am 100% sure of that, and could even go so far as to put out a Stinky Diaper Warning, such is my assurance. I will also be responsible for 3 meals that day, and they had BETTER be tasty and filling. There WILL be conflict in my day, so I’m also 100% sure of THAT! See, this is my job. I know these things are going to happen because I am completely immersed in my job, and it is important to me. Weather Forecasters? Apparently not so much. If I did my job the way they do THEIR job, I would tell my children that there was a 100% chance of meals happening today, but then, as the day passed, and I became more and more pregnant and tired and irritated and fat, I would just decide that, even though there was a 100% chance of meals today, that doesn’t mean there would actually be THREE of them!

And then I would watch panic ensue.


2 Responses to “A Post in Which I Assault You With My Extreme Irritation With Weather Forecasters”

  1. Susan said

    I hate to say this but I agree with you about weathermen. They make me so mad. I tell my husband this all the time so he tells me well then don’t watch the weather. Well that’s harder than they think I need to have some idea what the weather is going to be like so I can plan our day.

  2. mindy said

    Ha! You are SO right! This is one of my favorite posts ever. :o)

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