5-Year-Old Teeth

February 9, 2008

Our 5-year-old had a Weird Tooth Situation.  She had an adult tooth growing in behind a baby tooth that was loose, but just didn’t feel like falling out.  My husband resolved the problem last night AT THE SUPPER TABLE.  With me present.  And it didn’t come out easily.  Which means that the twisting and (imagined in my sick brain) crunching happened within my sight and hearing. 

Let me pause here and tell you that I think that I have neglected informing you of something about me that I am not completely proud of.  I have a very definite problem with bloody, gaping, oral holes.  Unfortunately, all my children know this. 

So the rest of the evening entailed the 5-year-old crawling and slithering across the floor, sneaking up behind me, and then LEAPING up in my line of vision, mouth wide, bloody, gaping hole visible.  And this was funny to her. 

Me?  Not so much.

A little Mommy Respect would be nice, don’t ya think?


2 Responses to “5-Year-Old Teeth”

  1. Kristen said

    My dad was the same way when I was younger and I would wiggle my teeth in front of him. He would cower in fear and I LOVED it! =)

  2. Nana C said

    Did you know there was a movie called “Bite the Bullit” guy had to have a bullit removed old western days and they gave him a bullet to bite on ( a gold one!) for pain. Oh well, Susan would say I am her too silly Mom. The new site is good, bright and the olives are so clear, great to look at and reach to eat!!! Have continued fun!!!! Nana C

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