Blog Purpose

February 9, 2008

My husband and I were talking about the blog last night, and he said this:  “Your content is really positive.  I think that it really is a good thing for other moms to read about your life.  It encourages them, don’t you think?”  And it suddenly hit me why this blog is a positive thing for other moms, and the reason you may enjoy reading it so much (assuming that you DO)…………

If you have the “normal” amount of children, and have a bad day, you can come here and read about the bad day I had with EIGHT, and feel really great that YOUR day didn’t stink as much as MINE did,  due to the fact that, proportionally speaking, I would so win The Worst Mom Day Ever award, hands down, on the days that happen to be bad ones.

And that would encourage you.

Do you KNOW how sick that is, you pathetic excuse for a mother?


3 Responses to “Blog Purpose”

  1. Kristen said

    You are too funny!!!! =)

  2. Kristin said

    I am one of those mom’s… yet I don’t have a “normal” size family. I’ve noticed that people don’t even ask anymore if we’re having more kids. It’s more of a statement… “You’re not planning on having more, are you?” Okay, so it’s posed as a question, but we all KNOW what they mean! lol

    So, here’s to us “abnormally sized” families 🙂


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