Princess Uncouthness (I know. It looks weird, but it’s right.)

February 10, 2008

Yesterday, 2-Year-Old was standing beside me, playing with a Dollar Store rendition of some Disney princess that I don’t know the name of.  She wears a burgundy poofy-dress, flowing auburn hair, and a dainty and princess-like facial expression.  Suddenly, an all too familiar smell wafted past my nose, and I asked 2-Year-Old if she had a stinky.  She said “no”, so I continued doing what I was doing until the smell came again.  THEN I said, “You ARE stinky, aren’t you?”  And SHE said, “No!  Princess stinky!”

A little funny that may only be humorous to those who know this child and the personality she possesses, not to mention the jiggly little legs, the sweet little mismatched eyes, and the dimple I have written about far too much.  But I’d like for this to make it into the next book because, otherwise, I will forget it and that would be tragic.  Okay.  Maybe not tragic, but a cryin’ shame!


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