He SO Loves Me!

February 12, 2008

If I ever had a doubt in my mind of whether my husband truly loved me or not, today obliterated that.  See, a month or so ago, he bought a little mp3 player to use in preparing for his next rank testing.  His plan was to listen to it on the way to work, and during his lunch hour, etc. 

When it came in, it was this teeny-tiny little thing that you could accidentally vacuum up if it was laying on the floor.  Well, since there was no good way to keep track of it AND keep it safe in his bag that he takes to work, he asked me if I could crochet a little holder for it.  That was my first hint that he loves me.  But I also considered that he had other motivations like, the Encouraging Insecure Pregnant Wife motivation, or the Even Though You’re Just a Stay-at-Home Mom, You’re Still Useful motivation.  Either way, I whipped up a gray holder for the cute little thingy and presented it to him the next morning as he was preparing to go to work.  He did the obligatory oohing and aahing.  Then I showed him the little bonus gift I had made too because I had insomnia and that is the best time to crochet, so why not?  I had added a long, crocheted string to the player so that he could wear it around his neck, instead of having to set it on the dashboard where it would fall off and be lost forever underneath the front seat of the car!  He was slightly hesitant, and stammered that he probably wouldn’t be able to use that because he would be in uniform and that’s not permitted and blah, sniff, blah, blah, sob, blah.  Not that my feelings were hurt, or anything.  So I got over it and never heard about the little gifts again. 

Until today. 

 He was given a few days off from work to study for the exam, and he went into the base library to do just that.  (See what a good soldier he is?)  I called around noon to see how things were going, and he told me that he was just sitting there listening to his little player.  He also mentioned that he was wearing it around his neck and how it worked really well like that.  After a little bit of questioning on my part, he did admit that it was hanging around his neck……..under his jacket. 

So, basically, what that meant to me was that I didn’t need to worry that the cool guys on base would see the cute little crocheted things I had made him, take him into a back room, and beat him to a pulp for being such a dork.



9 Responses to “He SO Loves Me!”

  1. Lori said

    I totally understand what you are saying, but I feel for my husband right now.

    Our youngest made Dad a great necklace that she will not let him forget to wear. It has a 3-inch wooden cross and about 6 VERY colorful beads that flank each side of the tree, I mean cross. She made the cord JUST SLIGHTLY too small so he is forced to resurface his face every time he takes it off. Since he works with and interacts with mostly believers, I don’t worry about him getting beat up over it, but it has given him an entirely new outlook on “carrying your own cross”!

  2. Susan said

    Your hubby is so sweet. Don’t you just love it when the little things that they do make us feel so loved and appreciated.

  3. oliveplants said

    How funny! Keeps ’em humble! =)

  4. Palmetto Boy said

    That was sweet, you crocheting the necklace for his Mp3. Bet he is the ONLY one on base with one-of-those!

  5. Nana C said

    This especially made me happy for you and hubby’s MP3, as I am very stoked with Feb. 14th this year, 38 year anniversary. Yes, the response from your husband makes me think of a litttle boy’s gift to the pretty little girl in school, kind of shy, hand behind his back with the Valentine card. Gary and I watched the Charlie Brown Valentine cartoon earlier last week. You are a blessing to many, God bless. Nana C

  6. I have to bookmark this site. You are a wonderful writer and I have enjoyed reading your posts.

    Martha M. – Sarah’s Mom in Simpsonville, SC

  7. Alyson said

    Different blog…same wonderful humorous writer 😉

  8. abi said

    You’re such a good, kind, and thoughtful wife! And just so you know–I really, really, really like you ‘new’ blog format…layout…design…colors…font…style…blogger behind the blogging(that’s YOU!)…comment page :D…whatever you want to call it…I just think it’s terrific!

  9. M said

    You know how guys are. They think that if their wives make them something from “non-so-guyish” materials, they feel quite awkward around other guys… who feel the same way. Understand?

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