Just So You Know……

February 19, 2008

I just finished up a post, but the Amish horse-and-buggy service that brings me my EXCRUCIATINGLY slow dial-up speed must’ve gotten run over by one of those really shiny, powerful Volvo semis going downhill WWAAAAAYYY too fast.  And I lost the entire thing.  It was a good one too about my love for wool, and even though it sounds incredibly boring and like the stay-at-home-mom equivalent of Computer Geekdom, I’m gifted at making boring happenings sound like something you’d want to be a part of.  Even when it involves sheep.  Which it did.

So I just wanted you to know that I TRIED to post today, but now I’m too tired to attempt a rewrite.  And I’m going to be even MORE tired because now I have to come up with a valid reason why I didn’t write the post in Word first, and then transfer it over, because my husband is GOING to want to know why.  And my answer of it being more emotionally fulfilling to me and more aesthetically pleasing to see the BOLD, burgundy font typed out in the special box that I specified the dimensions of, just won’t fly.  It doesn’t make Guy Sense.  And if it doesn’t make Guy Sense, then all the world stops spinning until the estrogen levels are back within normal limits. 

So my apologies to you all.  And my resolve to try again tomorrow. 

Unless nothing blog-worthy happens here in our household of 10. 

Yeah.  Right.


2 Responses to “Just So You Know……”

  1. Kristen said

    I have complete confidence that you will have no lack of bloggage! Tell hubby that we LOVE the burgundy font! It is so eacy to read!!

  2. Tanya said

    I love your describtion of your dial up. That is funny. And I know that when I come back, you will have lots of blogs. Children are never boring and always have something awesome, weird or funny to say or do. God bless, you.

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