New Boy Game and Ensuing Repercussions

February 23, 2008

Here is a post for those of you who don’t have boys.  Or don’t have boys that are old enough to really scare you to death yet.

Our boys thought up this new game that involves running around and around in the basement, faster and faster, dodging poles, furniture, and small siblings, then tackling each other viciously. 

And I LET them do this.

Why, you are probably asking?  Because they have been outside a total of 10 minutes in the last 2 months.  Because even LOOKING outside lately, will cause your lungs to freeze up and all your appendages to fall off from frostbite.  Seriously.  So something has to be done in order to relieve them of their Boy Energy, which has been registering lately on the Richter Scale. 

So this afternoon, two of the boys came upstairs to the kitchen to tell me that one of them had gotten hurt playing the game (Huh.  What a shocker!), but that they still wanted to play it and was that okay?

I looked at the younger boy who had not spoken yet, and noticed he was standing there, slightly bent over, breathing heavily, with a large lump on his forehead, rapidly turning purple, and tears in his eyes.  He told me that he had been looking behind him WHILE RUNNING, and slammed into a pole.  And Genius Boy wanted to continue doing this because “only one person has gotten hurt so far, and I only cried a few minutes, and I’m okay now and want to keep playing.  So can we?”  And then he gave me this really fake, toothy smile that really looked more like a grimace, but was supposed to persuade me that he really WAS okay and please let him go back down and NEXT time maybe rupture a spleen or dislocate a kneecap or something.  Please?

My response?  “Okay, as long as you realize that someone could get hurt again and, if that happens, don’t come crying to me, expecting me to feel sorry for you.”

Now, some of you moms could be horrified by that, but it would probably be the ones who don’t have boys who do these kinds of things in preparation for manhood one day.  Really.  Moms need to let their boys do this stuff.  It makes them tough and manly and unafraid of doing daring things. 

Plus, we have really good health insurance.


9 Responses to “New Boy Game and Ensuing Repercussions”

  1. M said

    I agree. Boys need to practice for the duty of manhood through situations like… um… playing a game where you KNOW you could EASILY get hurt, but not caring because the thrill and excitment is too much to refuse. Although I am a female, and would never think of venturing such a thing, I understand males! Really.

  2. Kristin said

    Living in a house with 3 boys and 2 girls (9-1/2 down to 10 mo.) I can say that I completely understand! Living in a small house with literally no place to run (and also living in a place where your lungs really DO freeze just from looking outside! LOL) makes it a bit interesting, and the likelyhood of pain increases…


  3. Palmetto Boy said

    Boys will be boys, I guess?! Too funny!

  4. joanna said

    and once again, i thank the Good Lord for my four daughters.

  5. Kimberly said

    Growing up in a houseful of boys and having boys of my own now, I must say, I totally understand!! That energy needs a release!! Looking forward to spring weather here!

  6. Kristen said

    I now see why God has seen fit to give us only girls!!! =)

  7. happy geek said

    Don’t panic if in a couple of days he gets a couple of black eyes as the bump on his head goes down. Apparently the blood needs to drain somewhere. Not that I know this from experience or anything 🙂

  8. Susan said

    I understand the running and tackling each other my two older ones are so bored they have started doing that to each other. This winter has even made my girls stir crazy and mommy too.

  9. Johanna said

    Too funny! My boys are still very young and they already tackle each other until one or both of them are crying. They cry for about 49 seconds and then they look at me to see if I am going to step in. If I don’t, they crack up and do it all over again! Ahhh, life with boys! It’s never dull, is it?

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