Tonight (because I’m very, very tired and that’s the best title I can come up with)

March 4, 2008

Tonight during our family devotions time, two funny things happened.  And just know that I don’t find too much humorous at this point, so you know that these will be pretty good.

We were reading about Moses lifting his arms during the battle, and how his arms became tired.  So Aaron held up one of his arms and Hur held up the other.  And our 9-year-old said, “Is Hur a lady?”  And it was just very very funny to me.  But my sense of humor is weirder than normal lately, so it may just be me.

After we were done reading, I got a little carried away, complimenting our 6-year-old who has an incredibly hard time sitting still.  I think if someone had a gun on her and told her that if she wiggled, she’d be a “goner”?  She’d so be one.  And it wouldn’t have taken her more than .01476 seconds to get that way.  So I was going on and on about how proud of her I was, and how it was so good how she chose not to help Satan be a distraction to others, and how I was so impressed with her new-found self-control, and I may have even clapped a little for her, and if I hadn’t be so humongously pregnant and immobile, I would’ve gone right out to the kitchen and whipped her up a pinata, filled with her most favorite candy, and let her break it open and eat it all in one sitting.  THAT’S how proud of her I was. 

And then she said this with a little sheepish giggle….

“Well, actually, Mommy, I was probably daydreaming and that’s why I was sitting so still.”

And when I asked her next what she had learned from our reading, I discovered that her suspicions had been correct.  She WAS daydreaming and had absolutely no clue what we had read. 

And I was very glad then that I hadn’t done that whole pinata thing.


4 Responses to “Tonight (because I’m very, very tired and that’s the best title I can come up with)”

  1. Zum said

    Love the Hur(her)comment by the 9-year old–too cute!

  2. Susan said

    I must confess that I sometimes daydream during devotions also. But don’t tell the kids that.

  3. Nana C said

    Well, in church sometimes the pastor says we are looking at him with those big cow eyes, actually most of those times I am trying to absorb what is being taught, and often the pastor gets on fire with the spirit and just well, it is like and explosion and then the spirit blesses me. Happy devotions!! Love Nana C

  4. Kristen said

    It was all funny! I hate coming up with titles for my blog too. I love the “hur” comment and the other’s honesty!!!

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