My Week Thus Far…

March 5, 2008

If you are a new-ish reader to this blog, there is one vital piece of information that you have missed out on regarding our family.

We vomit.

A lot.

Something about the Midwest.  Who knows?  But since we’ve been here, we have had at least one Vomit Extravaganza a year, and sometimes two.  But it always seems like more than that because it lasts so long in this, the House of Many Children.  Just when I think we are done with the sickness, some small person that I forgot we had, pops up with it.  You know the type.  The child who never causes strife; who tells you myriad times daily that she loves you; who lends her toys graciously; who goes to sleep when you tell her to; who only becomes upset when someone “borrows” the teeny-tiny dolls that she’s a little weird about.

2-Year-Old came upstairs yesterday, fresh from sleep, her skin the exact color of fresh-from-the-cow, warm milk.  (And by the way, this is NOT the child of which I was speaking in the above paragraph!)  She was glassy-eyed and NOT yelling “STOP IT!” to various siblings for whatever reason, and she was NOT spinning around and around until she fell to the floor in a heap, and she was NOT climbing the bunk beds just to see what I would do.  So I knew immediately that she was DEATHLY ill.  As in, break out the life support.  She vomited ON the breakfast table after eating ONE SPOONFUL of applesauce.  And then she did it again.  And again.

And then she spent the next 2 hours sitting on my lap on the couch.  But remember that I don’t HAVE a lap, so basically?  She teetered on the edge of my kneecaps, laid her head on my big belly, and blinked pitifully until lunchtime.  And every so often, she’d vomit for me, just to make sure I knew she was still DEATHLY ill, and MUST remain on my lap until my legs fell asleep and dropped from my body.

Today, she woke up yelling at various siblings to “STOP IT!”  for whatever reason.  And she demanded to have her diaper changed NOW!  And she hit her older sister while watching Sesame Street just because she was within reach.  Soon, she’ll ask to go outside so she can dismantle the cedar siding on the house.  So I’m thinking she’s all well.

Okay.  Who’s next?


5 Responses to “My Week Thus Far…”

  1. Amy said

    That is funny!
    I always knew my youngest son was sick if he took a nap.
    Part of me would long for him to go to sleep so I could use the restroom by myself, but when he did, I knew trouble was coming.:)
    Your blog is great.
    Very funny!:)

  2. Susan said

    Well let’s just pray it doesn’t go through all of them this time. You are so close to delivery that this would be a nice break for you to have only one of them get sick.

  3. Lori said

    Yuck…I can say, honestly, I’m glad our kids can’t play together right now!

  4. Linda said

    Yuk, Yuk, Yuckyyyyy! I feel for you. We have a great big bowl we call the throw-up bowl for such occasions, not to mention the warning,” you need to do this in the toilet, or hold this thing(the bowl) in front of you, understand?..this way we can keep it contained.”

  5. M said

    I am just curious… do you REALLY want to know who is next? I am just a WEE bit curious about that 🙂

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