Me, Me, and….Did I Say?….ME!

March 7, 2008

So.  Had a big talk with the children yesterday regarding the behavior I will expect from them if labor starts in the daytime.  With me being the only adult around.  And I could potentially be a little busy……..oh ya know……. catching the baby by myself in the bathroom or something like that because that scenario IS possible, scarily enough.  Really, I gave them the rundown on what would occur, meaning I would tell them all to go downstairs and STAY there until they had either missed 3 meals, or heard a baby crying.  And they were NOT to come upstairs unless the basement had flooded up to their chins.  And they were NOT to stand down there, staring up at the ceiling, calling my name unless a fire had started and it was getting really, really hot.  Also?  Blood…….LOTS of it……..had to be POURING from either an eyeball or a hole at LEAST the size of a small plate for them to even THINK about alerting me.  And if there was even the HINT of unrest down there, they would regret it for the REST OF THEIR LIVES! 

Basically?  I let them know that for a few hours of SOME day coming up soon, the world would revolve around me.  That I would be thinking of ME and getting the baby out of ME.  And every adult unit in the house (if they make it in time) would be there for ME.  And every action taken would be on MY behalf.  And that’s just the way births go, and that’s okay, and I’m not being Selfish Mommy.  And I don’t think that sat well with them.

Honestly, I was kinda passionate about it.  Why?  Because I figured something out that is significant to my reality right now.

The behavior of the smaller children in our house, is directly proportional to the size of my belly.


The closer I get to delivery, the worse my kids get.  It’s like they know that any energy I had prior to this point is gone.  And they’re hoping that our convictions as parents are gone too.  Kinda bums them out when they get caught doing something wrong and figure out that, even though Mommy doesn’t get up from the couch to apply discipline, she possesses some sort of Mom Magnet that forces you to come to HER! 

If you’re a kid, that’s gotta stink!

So even though I’m praying that this whole thing begins and ends in the night, when all the children are sleeping peacefully and adorably, I am prepared if it doesn’t. 

At least, as much as you can prepare for this kind of thing.



8 Responses to “Me, Me, and….Did I Say?….ME!”

  1. Mama said

    Funny, Allison. Organized, Organized, and ….Did I Say….ORGANIZED! You are all prepared for what the Lord sends, and you’ll do beautifully! You’ll probably even wonder, “What was I so worried about?” It won’t be long now!

  2. Nana C said

    A miracle birth is. A blessed time of the very best God gives us as the miracle is at our breast, He is so good, our Shepherd. My prayers to God for your miracle. Love Nana C

  3. Heart of God said

    Have you ever thought of threatening that you will hang them from the downstairs rafters by their toenails with fishing line and dental floss if they don’t comply? LOL!

  4. Susan said

    This was great. I will pray also for the baby to be born at night so that the children will be sleeping quiet and peaceful.

  5. Heart of God said

    By the way – I think you are entitled to a ME, ME, ME, and few ME moments after 90 months of your life has been devoted to growing other lives. Take your time, and take it graciously friend!

  6. Heather said

    You are definitely entitled to a ME day, but ONLY while the baby is being born!!! LOL!

    I will be praying that all goes according to God’s plan…..whatever THAT looks like. He does have a pretty funny sense of humor:)

  7. Kristen said

    Oh my, this brings back memories of your mom!! I remember so many holidays with the lists and double checks, but everything was beautiful and wonderful and this will be for YOU too!!!
    Love ya!

  8. abi said

    You make me laugh! 😀 I’m prayin’ for you! Thanks for being so transparent! You write so well…so life-like! 🙂 LOVE YOU, ALLISON!!!

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