A Big, Wet Rock

March 28, 2008

This morning as I sat in the living room holding Tiny Man, I felt like one of those big boulders in the middle of a river.  You know……the big, wet rocks that the little water rivulets flow around.  And I was the big, wet rock, and the children were the little water ribbons, rushing beside and around me.  Everyone was busy playing this and coloring that and making a stinky in their diaper.  Oh wait.  That last one didn’t really fit, did it? 

Okay.  Focus.  Back to the rock scenario.  And I sat there thinking how cool it was to be in this home with all these children, and a yummy husband who thinks the whole thing is as cool as I do!  Now, I realize that most people think we’re freaks.  You probably do too, but that’s okay and I’m not holding it against you.  I just know that this morning, I saw all of our children not as the huge challenge that they ARE, but as the amazing joy that they GIVE.  And I realized that the more children we have, the more happiness we have.  It’s that simple.

And now I want another one.


13 Responses to “A Big, Wet Rock”

  1. Susan said

    I love those times when we can just sit and see the joy that our children are. I am glad you want another one, I want another one too and i haven’t even had this one yet.

  2. Ashley said

    It’s so cool to read your mindset in this. There aren’t a lot of people these days who think like this. I want another one too and my boy’s just 8 months old, he sleeps horribly, but he melts my heart and he does bring so much joy into our lives. What blessings they are!

  3. Happy Geek said

    I don’t think you are a freak, I am glad that there are people who cherish their children just for being children!
    May you be granted the desire of your heart!

  4. Alyson said

    Tee hee. You are a trooper. Just think. Now next time you may not panick as much about the labor!! see? God is preparing you 😉

  5. Palmetto Boy said


  6. M said

    I am glad that you have times when you see when your children are just plain adorable! 🙂 I hope you see those times, just as much as the times when you wish you could just… sit down and cry because everything is going wrong! Thank you for posting about rocks!

  7. Mindy said

    I know exactly what you mean! Those moments of joy are priceless. I always wish I could “bottle” them and take a dose on “one of THOSE days” when I really need it! :o)

  8. Kristin said

    I am right there with you on wanting more! I say that now, when youngest dd will be turning 1 in less than a month! But, I also said it right after she was born… and her birth did NOT last less than two hours and was NOT a pleasant thing! Actually, the labor wasn’t so bad… it was the disappearing cervix at the end (as in my mw couldn’t find it and had to “go in” searching for it and grab it and make it come back where it belonged) that was horrible. And even with that, I lay in my own bed after dd was delivered and thought, “Man, I want to do this again!” 😛

    Okay, I forgot for a moment that this blog is about you and your life! LOL Sorry if I shared tmi 🙂 I am so glad you are enjoying your new babe, and all of your other children as well. Maybe someday I’ll get to have as many as you!


  9. Linda said

    I know how you feel. Just to see them and realize they are the fruit of your womb and its your family. Those are the moments of reward that make having the children so worthwhile.

  10. L.Joy said

    Thanks for your blog. I agree with you. Children are a blessing. God’s Word is truth, so lets keep on believing it, even when you have when of those “the-rock-is-melting-down” days. Wow, God has done an awesome work in your life, getting you excited about the next one when your last one is only, how many weeks old? Thanks for your time spent blogging and writing. You’re a blessing to me as I love my hubby and train my 4 for the Lord.

  11. Nana C said

    Your whole family drinks from the spring of “living water”, how wonderful, I can see you in your home enjoying, loving, the whole great family. Thank you for what God has made for you all to love, and to be a part of his bigger plan for you all. Love Nana C

  12. Lori said

    What a nifty analogy! Very…poetic! I too want to be that rock with many ribbons of water flowing around me. Soon! I’m sure of it!

  13. Tanya said

    Children are such a beautiful blessing. I am so glad that God has given you and your husband a heart to supply God’s Army. God bless you from Tanya

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