Another Suppertime Post. Because Our Supper Last Night was JUST That Blog-Worthy!

April 2, 2008

Apparently, my husband is sitting RIGHT NOW in his office, twiddling his thumbs on government time, waiting for me to write this post because he sent me an email earlier saying that he COULDN’T WAIT to read the post about what happened last night even though I never said I would even post about it.  But he found it blog-worthy so now I must make it so.  Also?  It doesn’t bother him all that much that he is sitting there at his desk waiting for this post while there are other, less fortunate members of the military, fighting sandstorms and Taliban forces right now.  Just trying to give some perspective here. 

Okay.  First of all, you’ve got to be informed, if you are not already, that we go to the greatest church in the universe.  No, yours isn’t as great as ours.  Nope.  Not that church either.  Uh-uh.  Stop trying.  Our church is better.  So there.

One reason why our church totally ROCKS (and I realize how potentially un-spiritual that sounds, but I can’t help it), is that, whenever anyone in the church has a new baby (which happens a LOT, which is another reason why our church ROCKS….we’re not the only weird ones) the women and daughters in the church bake meals for the family of the new baby.  And boy, do they know how to cook for large families!  Basically?  This is the reason we have so many children.  Not because we believe that children are blessings from the Lord, and to say “no” to them would be a bad thing.  We have this many children because, when a new baby emerges, WE GET LOTS AND LOTS OF DELICIOUS MEALS!  FREE!

Okay, I’m kidding.  But you get the point, right?

Now.  Remember Miss A?  The lovely lady in our church that our 2-year-old thinks actually helped God create kittens and rainbows and princesses?  She made us a meal that we ate last night.  But 2-Year-Old didn’t connect the last name of her family with HER.  This is significant because she took one bite of the food and pronounced it “yucky”.  (Sorry, Miss A)  So I told her that Miss A had made it, and everyone ELSE was so enjoying it and CHOWING DOWN on it and basically crawling under the table afterwards to lick up any crumbs that had fallen, which, of course, RARELY happens here.  Ahem.

So as the rest of the family pitched in, telling her in excited voices that MISS A had made it, she turned to me and said this, with sheepishness on her face, and accusations in her voice……

“No, YOU made it, Mommy!  It’s YUCKY!”

Because, apparently, mommies are SUPPOSED to make yucky stuff that warrants 2-year-old wrath and contempt. 

And she so desperately NEEDED Mommy to have made it, because the realization that Miss A had actually made an error?  Horrors!  2-year-old life as she knew it no longer existed, and the entire universe would have to re-shift in order for things to be made right again.

But, since I WAS the one who pushed her from my loins, and have suffered untold pains and abuses in the last 2 years of life with her, I kinda relished the de-throning of Miss A. 

Now maybe she’ll think that I’M kinda neat for the next day or two. 

Or maybe not.  Because, when I looked at her later on, she was so choking down that meal.  And she actually smiled. 


2 Responses to “Another Suppertime Post. Because Our Supper Last Night was JUST That Blog-Worthy!”

  1. joanna said

    that is hilarious! my second daughter informed me last night that my food was, “not very good, mom.” well thanks a lot, fruit of my womb, i appreciate that. you know besides the matter of babies being a blessing , you have to appreciate that they never complain about the food they’re given.

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