Where I’ve Been

April 7, 2008

Actually?  I’ve been here.  Recovering from whiplash.  Caused by my husband’s employer, the prestigious United States Air Force.  It seems that it’s just not fun enough for them to tell us 6 weeks ago, that we WERE moving to AZ, and then 2 weeks ago, that we WEREN’T……and then Friday, being told that we ARE again.  And that’s final, expect orders this week, blah, blah, blah. 

I’m not exactly leaping in the air joyfully and clicking my heels while singing songs from “Sound of Music”.  And I’m not really sure how that applies, but it DOES.  Austria….Arizona.  There’s a connection there, right?

But then again?  It’s always an adventure to move somewhere new, even if it IS to the desert.  There are new thrift stores to conquer; new Chinese restaurants to discover; new church people to somehow implement into our lives; and most importantly, a new house to decorate.  And don’t forget the road trip to get there.  All 21 hours of it.  Which is really quite fun, because the Air Force pays us obscene amounts of money to get from here to there.  So, Embassy Suites?  Here we come! 

And, oh yeah.  The nice lady in Arizona who reads this blog?  We should be swinging by your house sometime in early August.  That’s okay, right?


9 Responses to “Where I’ve Been”

  1. Mindy said

    Man! Don’t you just LOVE the military??? Well, at least if you get official orders, you’ll know for SURE, and then you can begin to make definite plans. And hey–you won’t need to worry about summer entertainment for the kids–they’ll get to be in HOTELS again! :o)

  2. joanna said

    My brother lives in Phoenix and is based out of Luke AFB…er, OK, well, before he went to Korea (Osan) he was at Luke and my SIL and niece and nephew are still there. They told him if he went to Korea he could go to England as a follow-on, but then changed their minds and now he’s going back to Luke…or Germany…or Italy…but most likely Luke. It’s hot there, I can’t understand why people volunteer to move there. It’s ssooo hot. Thinks I liked about it were: cool sand storms, beautiful (and I’m talking breathtaking) sunsets and sunrises, mountains and being able to drive to the snow in three hours but not live in the snow, saguaro cacti, there are a bazillion fun and mostly free things to do within an easy driving distance, SEES CANDY, it reminds me of “home”. I think it’s a better assignment than say Minot AFB, North Dakota. Maybe he should try to get MacDill, then you can come to my house. There’s plenty of room! They do LOTS AND LOTS of weather at MacDill.

  3. oliveplants said

    One good thing about being in the military is that if you get stationed at a base that is horrible (think Keesler), you know it’ll only be for a few years……just enough time to do all the fun stuff and then move on. =)

  4. Susan said

    Well it looks like your adventure as changed again. I guess with you going to Arizona I may actually see you again. What a wonderful time of year you are moving AUGUST.

  5. Alyson said

    Oh!! you need to update your profile!!! Unless you have given one of your children away 😉 It is 9 now no?

  6. Ashley said

    We are stationed out of Luke AFB but we live up in Prescott as my hubby works for an ROTC detachment. We just PCS’d last October. I really don’t miss the cold at all. I don’t know if you are going to Luke or Davis-Monthan but there is a lot to do in Phoenix. It is a long drive but it isn’t bad and there were plenty of cool places to see on the way. (By the way I know what you mean about Keesler. We were there but thankfully only for a few months!) Good luck on your move!

  7. TW said

    Well, all I can say is, “WAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!” Sure glad you’ve got this blog thing going, so we can keep up with you all from afar (afarer than you are now, I mean). If you’re there long enough, maybe we’d be able to see you once, since RW’s brother and SIL live in Chandler and we visit them there once every couple years. We were there in Dec ’07 and it rained one day and got down to about 32 one night. So it’s not ALWAYS hot there, just 10 out of 12 months. Literally. 🙂 TW

  8. Lori said

    So…. you coming through here to visit before you make your final arrivals?

  9. L.Joy said

    My husband and I just got back from a trip to Pheonix, Arizona, and I am catching up on all the blogs I missed while I didn’t have internet. Oh, wow, you get to move to Arizona! I loved it there! I’ve always lived in the lush mountains of PA, but I found the desert fascinating. Everything was in bloom. And, this sounds wierd, but the city of Pheonix had this beautiful, spring like smell in the air, at least the part of the city I was in. We flew in for a business meeting, so we were fairly close to the airport, I’m thinking. Plus, my husband spent 10 years of his childhood in the high desert of California and he absolutely loved it. We drove to his old home place after our business meeting, and yes, we experienced the desert, then three hours later the snow thing. It was fascinating. I think Pheonix stole my heart, or maybe it was the desert, or maybe its just a hubby thing. But I love him and I love the desert. Only thing is, every time I want to say desert, I type dessert.

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