Yea, I Know We’re Total Geeks…

April 9, 2008

but we JUST saw “Finding Nemo” last weekend.  For the first time.  And let me just interject here that…….


Because I’m not 2, and I don’t think pretend princesses are neat. 

Animated movies are fine for children.  Just don’t make me watch them unless I become a terrorist and need motivation to spill my secrets.  Seriously.

But it was my husband’s turn to pick something to watch last weekend while we inhaled Chinese food, and he had picked up “Finding Nemo” at the library for a thing at work.  And because he doesn’t love me anymore, he forced me to watch an animated movie.


Totally my kind of humor.  Absolutely adorable.  I’d be watching it right now if I wasn’t blogging.  Oh wait.  No, I wouldn’t.  I have 9 kids to take care of today.  Duh!

And here’s the test of just HOW good a movie it was.

I cried at the end.

Go ahead.  Laugh if you want.

I’m just saying, if YOU can watch it right after YOU’VE had a baby and not cry, then you’re in a coma.

So there.


9 Responses to “Yea, I Know We’re Total Geeks…”

  1. Lori said

    So did the kids like it? Or was this just between you and your hubby? Are you letting the kids watch it? Mine LOVE it. And of course, as usual, mine repeat “…just keep swimming…” and “…you think you can do these things NEMO, but you can’t…”

    Quoting movie lines is like some sick obsession for ’em. I know, gross. I think I feel a blog coming on!

  2. Amy said

    I cried too……and my “baby” was ten.:)

  3. Mindy said

    You think YOU were emotional–we watched this movie while my husband was home on his 2-week R & R during his year-long Iraq tour! I think we ALL cried! I really do like this movie, though. :o)

  4. Nina said

    Finding Nemo has some great quotable lines! At one time, between the five of us, we could recite the whole shark scene ….. “I’m havin’ FISH tonight!!”
    And for a while, Keith’s favorite euphemism for going to the bathroom was – … “Well, I’m off to see a man about a wallaby”:o)

  5. Susan said

    O.k. all of you have these wonderful quotes but our favorite part of the movie to quote is the whale scene. I know pretty lame but it sure does make you laugh.

  6. Zum said

    Well now, you all have made ME want to see the movie too! And I don’t like animated movies Either! My husband suggested we buy it so we can share it with the family. ‘Dropped’ a little money yesterday to purchase it and, for the price I paid, it BETTER be good! 🙂 But, from reading the above ‘review’, I better go back to the store and buy some Kleenex before I watch this thing. 🙂 There are so few Good movies these days – thanks, Allison, for recommending NEMO to us.

  7. Nina said

    Susan – we love the whale scene too.
    “Ummm, he either said “move to the back of the throat” or “I want a root beer float!” LOL

  8. Lori said

    “Come ‘ere little fella, come on, OH, big fella, OH MY…”

    I am so glad to know that we are not the only ones that quote movie lines! I thought we were just nerds or something!

  9. Mindy said

    The part I quote the most is the scene with the school of fish making shapes for Dory to guess! “Me, me, blah, me, me, blah, blah blah blah blah, me, me, ME!”

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