Nemo Again

April 11, 2008

We let the children watch it.  Big mistake. The bigger kids won’t stop quoting it, and the little kids won’t stop giving me a play-by-play little-kid rendition of EVERY SPLIT SECOND OF THE MOVIE!  Here’s how the conversation goes….

Small child:  “Mommy!  Nemo was in the aquarium at a dentist’s office, and he tried to get back to the ocean, but then the water squirted in Darla’s face and the fish with the owie on his fin helped and then Nemo went down the drain and the crabs were eating bubbles and Nemo’s dad was sad and Dory was sad and then a bunch of fish got caught and Nemo helped them but the daddy wasn’t very encouraging to Nemo but he showed his dad that he could help the fish and he told them to swim down.” 

And then this is usually accompanied by the “Just Keep Swimming” ditty that Dory sings (and apparently Reader Lori’s daughters too) and then that’ll launch them into ANOTHER 25-minute-rendition of ANOTHER part of the movie THAT I HAVE NOW EITHER SEEN OR HEARD 5 TIMES!  But when I tell them that I know all about Nemo and Dory and, remember, I saw the movie before YOU did? and I’d really rather not relive it over and over and over every hour of the day through the oral recitation of a small child who doesn’t quite grasp the idea of NOT assaulting people with endless blather, it just doesn’t register with them.

So I had to set boundaries.  I told them that, although I was CONSIDERING buying the movie for our trip to Arizona in a few months, I just plain ‘ole WOULDN’T if they didn’t give the quoting and blow-by-blow plays a rest!!!!! 

So now they just “play” Nemo downstairs in the basement with their beany babies, basically regurgitating the entire movie.  And I’m fine with that.


5 Responses to “Nemo Again”

  1. joanna said

    LOL, been there, done that with Nemo. We’re now into every detail of Cinderella…a movie I can’t decide is benign or I hate.

  2. Lori said

    And you’ll never hear the end of it – so, at this point, you will HAVE to find another ‘cutie’ movie so they will leave you alone with the Nemo lines. If you haven’t already seen Toy Story that’s a keeper or possibly Monsters Inc. (which is my personal favorite) If you see this one you can change your nicknames between you and your hubby to “schmoozie-poo” and “googley-bear”.

  3. Nina said

    Ditto to Toy Story but my favorite animated movie (and I’m not normally a fan of ’em either) would have to be “The Incredibles”. It’s got everything – action, lots of great quotes, and the redeeming message that in the end nothing on this earth is more important than family. Sigh.
    I’d watch it right now, but my kids aren’t here, and that would be a little weird.

  4. Happy Geek said

    My son saw 10 minutes of Nemo at a Christmas party. I relived that ten minutes for 4 months before I broke down and got the movie from the library.
    Now a year later I relive the movie EVERY single day.
    Nothing like a 2 year old wandering the house calling “Nemo, Nemo what (couldn’t say where) are you?” To drive one to the brink.
    Feeling your pain and I only have two to tell me about it.

  5. amy said

    I definitely agree with Lori and Nina, “Toy Story” is a keeper…..My favorite line from that movie (sorry, I can’t help myself) is when Woody says to Buzz, “And stop with that Space Man thing…’s getting on my nerves!” 🙂

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