Who Knew?

April 11, 2008

Definitely hit a good-type of nerve with the Nemo post.  Who knew so many people loved it and, even weirder, QUOTED it so much?!  My husband and I do this a LOT.  It’s like our little private joke thing we do.  And don’t tell anyone, but my husband quotes lines from chick flicks.  He can SO do Mr. Collins on “Pride and Prejudice” and also Meg Ryan’s boyfriend on “You’ve Got Mail”.  Sure, he’s always a little sheepish when the quotes leave his mouth.  It reminds me of the way he is with cats.

Lost ya there, didn’t I?

See, he thinks that liking cats is not manly.  (And if you know your movies, you will recognize where this thinking comes from…..Anyone like to venture a guess?)  So when he’s around people, he’ll ACT all contemptuous and nasty toward our cats, joking about how far he can kick them, or that they taste like chicken, or other bumper sticker-isms that he sees on the cars of OTHER men who probably are the same way HE is with cats.  However, when he is alone in the barn with them, he will pick them up gently and nuzzle them against his cheek and talk kitty-talk to them.  I’ve seen it. 

And that’s how he is with chick flicks.  He’ll roll his eyes and sigh heavily when I choose “Pride and Prejudice” to watch some night.  But then he’ll make himself stay awake for when Mr. Collins comes into the movie, and then at the end when he can make fun of Mr. Darcy’s pants.  But secretly?  He’s memorizing lines that he likes and that he knows will be useful and humorous in everyday conversations with his wife, who, for some weird reason, loves him more when he quotes from girly movies.

Of course, after this post, I’ll probably be stuck watching “What About Bob” for the next 3 years straight.  It will be my penance.


4 Responses to “Who Knew?”

  1. Mindy said

    Oh, yeah, we’re HUGE movie quoters! I started as a kid–my siblings and I literally had The Princess Bride memorized. We’d quote the entire movie when we were in the car going places, and we STILL quote it to each other! :o) But our kids quote movies all the time. It’s gotten so common that whenever I say something witty, they will laugh, and then one of them will invariably say, “What movie was that from, Mom?” They are then SHOCKED when I tell them I made it up all by myself. :o)

  2. amy said

    That is funny! My husband is the same way….One afternoon a long, long time ago in a galaxy far away (just kidding) I asked him if he would watch “The Sound of Music” with me…..he said he would, but I could tell that he would have rather had a root canal.

    So anyway, he “suffered” through it with me, but I thought I saw just a glimmer of interest in his eyes (not that he would ever admit to it…and you didn’t hear that from me.)

    Not long after the movie was over, he went to take a shower……and I heard singing coming from the bathroom……it sounded like the Captain from the movie…..it went something like this….

    Edelweiss, edelweiss
    Ev’ry morning you greet me
    Small and white
    Clean and bright
    You look happy to meet me……

    He liked it (He even got the words right)……Ten years later I still tease him about that….but remember, you didn’t hear it from me.:)

  3. joanna said

    Oh my gosh, what a horrid movie.

    You can tell your husband that my husband *likes* to watch Pride and Prejudice with me so he doesn’t have to feel weird; he’s not the only man that likes that movie, even though most of them have a hard time admitting that.

  4. will hayes said

    tonya told me i would be suprised and i am. you are a tribute to your family and the human race.please don’t quit multiplying the world needs more people like you.

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