A Post in Which I Am Dramatic and Whiney

April 14, 2008

So we put our house on the market this weekend.  You know, the house that TWO of my children have been born in.  Not brought home from the hospital TO, but born IN!  Somehow, that makes a house more significant, and leaving it harder.  Thankfully, I’m not a hugely sentimental person, or I’d be in a fetal position in the corner of the living room right about now. 

I must say here that if we were leaving this house and moving to, say, Italy or even The Azores (and I know that it rains there almost constantly, but the fact that it’s a small island with a base AND it has a cool name, makes me want to live there.  No, I’m not shallow AT ALL!  Why do you ask?)……I’d be a little less reluctant to move.  But seeing as how we are moving TO THE DESERT, where there is HEAT, and HOT STUFF, and you can’t wear Crocs because they will MELT TO THE ASPHALT……well, let’s just say I’m having a little trouble with it all.  But officially?  I’m excited about this new adventure!  And we’ll have fun!  And it’s only really bad for a few months, but then it gets nice and we can go do fun stuff outside!  (Which is code for….NO SNOW and NO ICE and NO POTENTIAL BLIZZARDS….which is basically what I live for.  Because I’m from South Carolina, and it’s against the law there to have more than an inch of snow at one time.)  But it’ll be fun!  It WILL be fun!  Because we will MAKE it fun!  Even if it KILLS us!  (And it may because of the heat.  Did I mention it’ll be hot there?)

So when the realtor left on Saturday, he put a sign in our front yard.  And it looks weird out there.  And makes me kinda sad.  But it brought 2 lookers to our house, which was pretty exciting to the kids!  And to my husband, who hid behind the closed blinds and peeked out at them. 

Because houses sell really quickly, AND for the asking price, if people think that a serial killer lives there, lurking behind the blinds, peering out at the potential victims driving by.

Yes.  I enjoy being dramatic.  It gives me something to do besides think about all the chores my husband expects me to accomplish before Wednesday.  Like scrub the sidewalk with a toothbrush and re-build the transmission in his car.

See?  More drama.  Guess I’d better get going before it gets REALLY bad. 


4 Responses to “A Post in Which I Am Dramatic and Whiney”

  1. Lori said

    I just wonder what lives the Lord has waiting for your family to touch in the “croc melting desert”. You will be missed by MANY, I’m sure, but luckily you are only a blog away! I wish you all the very best and pray God’s blessing over the entire situation!

  2. Nicole said

    Oh, but it’s DRY heat. Any consolation?

  3. Heather said

    Arizona….Hmmm. I think I have always said that I could live just about anywhere EXCEPT Arizona! Well, you know that if God is bringing you to it…..He will bring you through it! I will be praying for the move.

  4. Patti said

    When I visited Arizona (Mesa), EVERY home had a swimming pool. So now you don’t have to worry so much about the heat…just that your kids don’t escape to the backyard unsupervised to an “attractive nuisance” (that’s insurance-speak for something dangerous that attracts children).

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