Scary, Loud Boy

April 18, 2008

1-Year-Old has a new thing that makes me belly laugh, but also causes me to be very, very concerned. 

He thinks small bugs are the greatest thing in the universe. 

And I’m not talking “Yippee!  A small innocent bug to observe!”  I’m talkin’……think of the loudest scream you’ve ever heard, and then multiply it by, like, a gazillion-trillion.  And it’s shrill enough to curl toenails…….in India.  And this shrieking continues over and over until everyone in the near vicinity has seen the bug and commented on the bug.  And then he hunkers down on the floor, hovering precariously over the top of it, his face so close to it, that the bug is able to inspect his nosehairs if it was so inclined.  And when he has tired of that, and the bug has attempted to escape, ya know what that sweet-little-boy-who-still-loves-to-be-rocked-by-his-mommy-before-bedtime does?

He rolls over that poor bug with a matchbox car, again and again and again.  Until you can’t even tell if that spot on the floor is a former bug, or a glob of dirt from someone’s shoe.

I’m just hoping this doesn’t translate itself into larger, more important living things and larger, more powerful vehicles when he’s a grown-up.  Because that would be bad, wouldn’t it?

And illegal too, huh?


4 Responses to “Scary, Loud Boy”

  1. M said

    Cute blog! I can almost here him screaming at that poor little bug, and I can almost see him rolling over it with a little car 🙂

  2. Heather said

    That is AWESOME! Only a boy could love something one minute and run it over the next. Oh, wait…there was that lady that ran her husband over because she caught him cheating on her. OK…so girls only run things over because they’re angry. Not JUST because they think it’s fun. Although, running over a cheating husband probably is a little fun.

    OOPS…sorry. Bunny trail.

  3. Patti said

    my now three year old son did the same thing last year, minus the 150 decible scream. But then after examining the bug, then stomping it 23 times, he also spat on it. What a great job I’m doing raising my boy to love and respect the smallest of God’s creatures…

  4. Kristin said

    It’s the age… 😛 I had a boy that did that too. I’ve even got picture proof!

    Now my four year old DD is doing the same thing… with worms. LOL


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