A Different Kind of Post

April 21, 2008

Doing something a little different today.  I received a comment from a British reader that I couldn’t NOT make a big deal over.  It was priceless!  First of all, if you haven’t read this post, go read it.  We’ll wait.  Really! 

Done?  Okay, now read the comment below.  After you’re done laughing yourself silly, you may proceed with your day. 

OK, here’s a funny English hunting story for your son: My husband’s friend from work was invited to go pheasant hunting (already, really posh) with some British friends. So, on the day of, he shows up in traditional American hunting garb (jeans, plaid shirt, baseball hat, knock about boots) and was humiliated to find that everyone was dressed for hunting. English style. Coat, vest (one says waist coat here), tie, knee trousers (pants = knickers=underware). They arrived in newly washed Range Rovers and before the hunt, did the traditional sherry toast. This is 100% a true story. So see, lots of hunting to be had overseas…just bring your tux!

See?  I wasn’t that far off, was I?  Of course, she DID forget the whole drinking-tea-with-the-pinky-finger-sticking-out-thing.  I’m sure it was just an oversight on her part.

Thanks, Patti, for helping me write my post today! 

Thanks also to Lori, for helping me FINALLY figure out how to do the linky thingy in the first paragraph!!!!  I’ve only been blogging now for over a year, and I finally got how to do it! 

And if you’re laughing right now at my apparent and blatant blog-dorkiness, just remember that it’s NOT because I am, indeed, a Blogging Dork.  I’m just busy.  Nine kids, remember?

Okay.  Just checking.




One Response to “A Different Kind of Post”

  1. joanna said

    In the midst of reading Mansfield Park and from Patti’s description, the only difference seems to be that in 1805 they used horses and today they use Range Rovers? That’s too funny.

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