In the Wee Hours of the Morning. When Normal People Are Sleeping.

April 27, 2008

Our 4-year-old went to bed last night with a runny nose and fever.  She woke up 78 times in the night, whimpering pitifully until I went to her, at which time she asked in pitiful, feathery whispers for a kleenex or more water or another blanket. 

Except for one time very early this morning.  When I was in the kind of sleep that feels like I’m dead.  Except I was still breathing.  Barely.

That was the time she began YELLING my name in a COME-QUICKLY-MOMMY-I-AM-BEING-ABDUCTED-PLUS-MY-BED-IS-ON-FIRE kind of tone.  I sat bolt upright in bed, broke out into a cold sweat, stopped breathing for a long minute or two, and raced downstairs almost head-first.  When I arrived, the very large number of children being trained to sleep in one large room together in preparation for our move in a few months, were all stirring.  As in, waking up due to the extreme noise assaulting their ears. 

So then I flashed forward in my head to the next 3 hours in which 8 children are up and running around NOT sleeping because they were awakened at an hour when even owls and bats are napping.  And I almost started crying.  And screaming.  But I didn’t because I was too tired to work up the energy to do either.

So I drug myself over to the source of the noise and, in a not-very-loving voice, asked her what the problem was that she needed to yell at that decibel in the middle of the night, and this BETTER be good because she had awakened the entire house except for the smallest one who was 2 stories up, and Daddy, who would not wake up if a bomb dropped on the house. 

And in a sweet, squeaky, precious little chipmunk voice, she said……

“I love you, Mommy.”

And then I paddled her.

Not really. 

Scared you there for a minute, didn’t I?


One Response to “In the Wee Hours of the Morning. When Normal People Are Sleeping.”

  1. Happy Geek said

    Busting a gut laughing on this one!

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