April 27, 2008

My husband took our 3 oldest boys to participate in the zoo clean-up in a nearby town today.  Which means that I was home today with six children, only two of whom were of the male persuasion.  Diaper-clad male persuasion at that.  Which tells you that the most annoying things that were done by boy children under my supervision today were pulling shoes out of cubbies, pulling cushions off the couch, and banging on the window.  You know…..the $500 one.  And that’s it!

No bugging the 2-year-old to death until she screamed bloody murder.  No bugging the 1-year-old until HE screamed bloody murder.  No bugging the 6-year-old until she WHINED bloody murder.  No bugging the 4-year-old until she cried for 45 minutes straight and forgot what she was crying about, but persevered nonetheless because when you’re 4, that’s your job.

Basically?  It was a quiet day.  It was a peaceful day.  Tranquility reigned supreme.  So did my sanity. 


There was no talk about foot-long worms at the breakfast table.  No reciting “Finding Nemo” by my 9-year-old who could make a living imitating the voices and inflections of the characters.  No giggling at body noises.  No fake heart attacks or gunshot wounds.  No jumping out from behind a door to scare the 1-year-old who belly laughs each and every time. 

So I figured out that even though their noise and smells and homemade firearms can be a tad annoying at times, I wouldn’t trade my boys for the world!

Also?  Taking care of 6 children all day instead of 9? 

Piece. Of. Cake.

You should SO try it.


5 Responses to “Today”

  1. Lori said

    I know exactly what you mean! When 7 of my 14 are gone – it’s like a vacation in Tahiti 🙂

  2. oliveplants said

    Sarcasm. Irony. Tongue-in-cheek. IT WAS A JOKE! You don’t have to get all sarcastic on me! Sheesh! =)

  3. amy said

    You and Lori are officially my heroes……..I have two boys and one (girl) dog, and I am worn out most of the time…..:)

    My husband and I both used to get overwhelmed teaching Sunday school to a kindergarten class of twenty, and we had each other plus two helpers……..:)

    If I had more, I would probably be typing this comment from “the mental ward.”……:)

    You ladies rock!:)

  4. oliveplants said

    Amy, Lori doesn’t really have 14. She was being sarcastic and dramatic. Don’t you hate it when people are sarcastic and dramatic?! I don’t personally know ANY sarcastic and dramatic people, but if I DID, it would be annoying.

  5. Johanna said

    Isn’t it amazing how perspective changes things? I remember thinking I was so tired when I was pregnant with my second child because this time I was also taking care of a one year old. ONE one year old. Yeah. I have that, “It was a piece of cake” attitude now, too. Only it is in retrospect!

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