I Forgot…..

April 28, 2008

The rest of the post below was supposed to end like this……

And then I slunk (slinked?  slank?) off to bed and seriously considered asking my husband to slap me across the face a few times.  So then, maybe, I’d feel better.

For…..you know…..winning the Meanest Mommy in the Universe Award.



4 Responses to “I Forgot…..”

  1. amy said

    I have won the crown, sash, and flowers for that award many times myself.:(

  2. joanna said

    I thought the ending on the post was pretty darn good they way it was, but this is funny, too. Would it have made it better if she said, “I’m cute and you love me?”

    My four-year-old has awoken many times screaming bloody murder at night with, “I have to go pee.” I’m sure the meanest mommy award was hanging on my wall those nights.

  3. Nina said

    Sorry guys , but being mean in the middle of the night is not enough to even be considered a candidate for Meanest Mommy. The rules of eligibility are really clear about that.
    Allison, your ‘slinked, slank, slunk’ confusion rendered an image in my mind of the Grinch, retreating miserably after chastising Cindy Lou for waking him up 🙂
    FYI, I much prefer ‘slunk’ to the other two.

  4. Johanna said

    What happens in the middle of the night stays in the middle of the night…

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