Could He BE Any Cuter?!

April 29, 2008

This afternoon, after changing our littlest one’s 284th diaper of the day, I sat him up in front of me and began talking to the little cutie.  He immediately got this expression on his face that was a cross between Gomer Pyle and a Shar-Pei.  (One of those wrinkly dogs.)  You know, the mouth hanging open, the hang-dog eyes, the slack face.  AND he had a little dribble of slobber in the corner of his mouth, plus his cheeks literally HANG from his face, which made him look even cuter.

Well, I couldn’t help it.  I started laughing which, by the way, did NOT change his expression in the least, which made me laugh even harder!  And then I started talking that high, annoying, really dumb baby talk that people use who live in penthouses in New York City and only have one baby whom they lavish all manner of money and sentiment and dorkiness on.  And their baby is definitely not winning any cute awards because of his, um, uni-brow and stuff, but the parents think he is the cutest baby who was ever born in the history of the universe.

And I just kept going on and on with the ridiculous talk because all the other kids were outside, and I knew that I could get away with it.  But his expression SO called for the annoying baby talk, and I couldn’t help myself!  He was SO adorable in a this-is-the-most-ridiculous-facial-expression-I-have-ever-seen-but-somehow-this-precious-baby-can-pull-it-off kind of way.  Dorkiness and adorable-ness all rolled into one….that’s what it was.

I put my face close to his so he could focus on me, and he was looking into my eyes, and I started REALLY getting into it, and thinking that he was SO realizing how much he loved me and how grateful he was to be part of our family and how thankful he was that I sacrifice myself to care for him so lovingly.

And then he burped in my face.


4 Responses to “Could He BE Any Cuter?!”

  1. joyfulmom6 said

    I love it. You so know how to make a person laugh. I was getting into how precious the momnet was and then he burped. Great post.

  2. Ashley said

    And that is the way it goes! So sweet and so real!

  3. Lori said

    I can’t wait for these happenings again in my home. Thanks for letting me live vicariously through you!!! BURP 😉

  4. Mother said

    LOL. I can just see it! Thanks. Great post!

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