A Post in Which Dead Animals are Written About (and Sentences are Ended With Prepositions)

April 30, 2008

Sure, we’re doing school here.  Every day.  But the other day we DIDN’T do school because our oldest son wanted to skin a varmint he found on the side of the road.  Yep.  Roadkill.  So before rigor mortis set in, I let him.  Not my idea of a good time, let me tell you, but an education despite the dry-heave-worthiness of the endeavor.

This is the third time he’s skinned an animal and he gets better at it each time.  AND he enjoys it, the sick kid.  (He also proudly displays each pelt for potential buyers who come through the house, laying them out nicely on his well-made bed.  On the quilt I just about hurt myself making.  You know, the one I never envisioned dead animals laying on.)

While he was ripping the fur from the poor, unsuspecting-because-he-was-um-DEAD animal, I let school slide with the other children.  So, since we weren’t doing “official” school that day, my 6-year-old spent the morning sounding out “big kid books” on the couch.  Which means that she is now the second best reader in our house.  And she is number 5 in birth order, so that’s pretty significant. 

And my 4-year-old spent the morning copying various letters from a book.

And my 13-year-old continued working on a story she is writing for a magazine that she publishes for Christian girls.

And my 2-year-old built barges with Legos.  Well, they weren’t REALLY barges, but that’s what they looked like, even though she told me they were houses and boats and airplanes.  She’s still working on the design aspect.

And my 1-year-old spent the morning filling his diaper.  I know that isn’t really educational, but I was just going down the list and had to include him so he won’t feel left out when he’s 12 and reads the book in which this post will be published.

And I spent the morning marvelling at the “fun” my kids choose to have on days when we don’t do school, and thinking how hard so many homeschooling parents work to “educate” their children. 

I had the time to contemplate all of this because I was sitting on the couch all morning.  Nursing.

And nursing.

And nursing.

And wondering if it is healthy to put a newborn on Atkins.


4 Responses to “A Post in Which Dead Animals are Written About (and Sentences are Ended With Prepositions)”

  1. amy said

    Do you save the “heads” from the varmints?……If so, you could hang them in your new home in Arizona over the “big” table in the billiard room. 🙂

    After enjoying a day of swimming in the “cement pond,” you could all gather around the “billiard” table for “vittles” and look up and enjoy them. 🙂

    Thanks for the giggles this morning,

  2. oliveplants said

    Thanks, Amy. You’re REALLY helping me with the move, let me tell ya. Encouragement, anyone?

  3. Lori said

    Don’t want to put him on Atkins – it doesn’t work and as soon as he’s off the diet he’ll gain all his weight back plus, and from how you describe him, he cannot affort to put the “plus” on :0

  4. Nicole said

    Wondering about the magazine 13 Year Old publishes… How can we subscribe?

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