A Post in Which I Apologize and Pout

May 1, 2008

Okay.  So I did it.  I apologized to all NINE of my children, which should get me a door prize in heaven, in my opinion.  And after I had done it, all the children (meaning the ones who can talk in coherent sentences) all politely and empahtically called out…..”WE FORGIVE YOU, MOMMY!”  And it was so nonchalant of them, that I almost got mad that I even apologized!  Like, if yesterday DIDN’T turn you into future grown-ups who will bury bodies in your backyard, then why did I hurt myself with that apology?! 

And I KNOW that’s not the reason we should apologize for our wrong-doings, and blah, blah, blah, but SOME sort of angst on their parts would’ve made me feel better. 

And I’m not sure even I understand that last sentence. 

Let’s move on.

My favorite part of the whole apology thing was when Tantrum Queen called the loudest…….”I FORGIVE YOU, MOMMY!!!”  And then smiled at me, all sweet and sparkly.

Like, “I can’t believe you lost it after 2-and-a-half HOURS of the worst tantrum you have ever seen in your entire life, and that’s saying something because you have nine children, but I DO forgive you.  By the way, I’m still really cute, aren’t I?”

And I know this is childish and immature and she’s-only-six-so-what’s-MY-problem, but ya know, she didn’t……..um……..uh……..like….apologize back.


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