This ‘N’ That

May 6, 2008

I saw a t-shirt a few weeks ago that I loved!  And while I realize that this blog is not about t-shirts or teething necklaces, both DO have to do with my life as a mother of nine.  So there.

Now, I am not one to wear slogans emblazoned across my chest, but for this shirt, I just might make an exception.  Because it is SO worthy!  Here’s the slogan…….

“I make milk.  What’s YOUR superpower?”

See?  Doesn’t it ROCK?!!  Like, totally?  Couldn’t you picture me wearing this to church?  Okay, maybe not THERE, but definitely to Walmart and Goodwill.  And I only wear dresses and skirts, but I could work this out.  I could pair it with this skirt, and be as happy and carefree as a pig in a puddle of mud!  Except cleaner and thinner.

I want to buy one in every color, and have it written in neon across my van, and graffiti it wherever I go.  Actually, I would let my kids do it for their spelling lesson.  Because I’m a homeschooling mom, and you’ve just gotta take the learning opportunities when they come, right? 


On another note…..

This morning I was sitting at the computer, and this very LOUD and very HUMONGOUS farm……um……vehicle came lumbering down the road.  Did I mention that it was 6:30?  In the morning?  And I know that they’re farmers and all, and they don’t really keep sane schedules, but my one thought was……

Man!  Could they keep it down a little?  I’ve got babies sleeping!

And then I remembered how, in base housing, our neighbor’s bass from their HUMONGOUS jam box woke up my children.  And the glass-packed muffler on the muscle car down the street woke up my children.  And the neighbor guy, cussing at his teen son, woke up my children.

And I kinda slapped myself in the face a few times to punish myself for the ridiculousness and ungratefulness.  It kinda stung so I felt duly rebuked.


4 Responses to “This ‘N’ That”

  1. Mindy said

    I want one of those shirts! That is fantastic!

  2. Zum said

    You’re killin’ me! Where do you come UP with this stuff?! But, hey, I’d really like to see the skirt – my computer couldn’t pick up the site. Could you post it? Thanks.

  3. joanna said

    I know this has nothing to do with what you just posted (which was very funny by the way), but I was just thinking about your wayward wheat milling machine, which reminded me that you make bread every day, which made me think that your bread recipe is probably honed to a razor sharp edge…if that makes sense. Care to share the recipe? I’d be your best friend.

  4. Johanna said

    That shirt is very cool. I would wear it too, except I don’t think my husband would go anywhere with me while I had it on!

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