May 7, 2008

So Joanna wanted me to post my bread recipe.  Uncharted waters here.  But since this blog is about finding joy and laughter in my life as a mom to the masses, and I do, indeed, find joy in our bread (especially when my daughter makes it), I will post it. 

Wait.  First, I will post Joanna’s comment here, because it is impressive.  She read another one of my posts that might as well have been a tutorial on how to perform open-heart surgery……that’s just how far away from bread recipes it was.  But that’s okay.  I can roll with those punches.  Because that’s just the kind of person I am.  A punches-roller.

I know this has nothing to do with what you just posted (which was very funny by the way), but I was just thinking about your wayward wheat milling machine, which reminded me that you make bread every day, which made me think that your bread recipe is probably honed to a razor sharp edge…if that makes sense. Care to share the recipe? I’d be your best friend.

So here it is.  The recipe for bread that keeps my ravenous boys full, while still maintaining my food budget each month. 

Now THAT’S a trick!

8 cups freshly milled whole wheat flour (milled in the new mill I bought after this fiasco)

7 cups warm water

1 cup oil

1 cup honey

2 T salt

2 T vital wheat gluten

4 T yeast

more flour……maybe 6 cups

I make this in my Bosch mixer, and it makes 6 loaves.  I’ve been told that you can do this in a regular kitchen mixer, but cut it in half. 

 One more thing…….If you don’t have a Bosch, HOW are you not in a coma yet?  Because my Bosch crushes ice for shakes, makes guacamole, mashes potatoes, and cleans my toilets.  I would sleep with it at night, except the dough hook is kinda pointy and uncomfortable.

So Joanna.  Happy?  Now you get the distinct and unprecedented privilege of babysitting our nine children this weekend while Yummy Man and I have a romantic getaway.  Because that’s what best friends do, right?

Turned clammy there for a minute, didn’t you, Joanna?



19 Responses to “Bread”

  1. Heather said

    Thanks for the recipe!!!

    I have never been so thankful that my name is NOT Joanna because that IS what best friends do….they watch all nine children while yummy man and Juan’s mama go out. 😉

  2. joanna said

    Ummmm….wait. How about just 5 of them since I already have 4 myself. And no guns, dead animals, bones or pelts. Also, you have to bring me back a prize, since best friends bring back prizes, too. Like cheesecake, that’s a good prize.

    Thanks for the recipe. I do have to ask though, what is Vital Wheat Gluten and where do you buy it and can you make the bread without it? Also, since I don’t have a milling machine myself and I have *gasp* white flour only, do I need to run out to the natural food store and get some special flour? I have to go there for bulgur anyway.

    I’ll try not to be so needy next time I comment.

  3. joanna said

    Sorry, one more question. Do you bake this all at once, or do you freeze some of the loaves for two days from now?

  4. Lori said

    Ok, so when did you start using VWG? I’ve never used THAT!!! Doesn’t the wheat have enought gluten? Fill me in, because my bread seems to be coming out ‘fine’ without it, or at least I thought it was fine until I read this blog and I’m wondering if I’m missing some GREAT discovery. Seriously, what does it do for the bread?

  5. Lori said

    By the way – what kind of mill did you buy?

  6. Kristen said

    LOL! I hope Joanna is still breathing!! Poor girl! Thanks for sharing the recipe!
    Good luck getting ready for the big move!

  7. joyfulmom6 said

    Well I have never done mashed potatoes before but I am going to have to try it.

  8. joanna said

    I TOLD YOU! Honed, I tell you! It melts like butter in your mouth!

  9. oliveplants said

    Okay, here are the answers to the questions……

    Vital wheat gluten serves a few purposes. It makes the shelf life longer for the loaves, and it also makes my bread rise smoother, higher, and be fluffier. BUT it is not necessary. I just recently began using it, and I’ve been doing this bread thing now for 4 years. It’s kinda a specialty item. You can get it in Amish stores, health food stores, and probably a well-stocked grocery.

    We go through 3 loaves a day, so I don’t need to freeze any. But it works well if you need to.

    I’ve never tried this recipe with white flour. It would still work, but it would taste differently, and, of course, not be nearly as healthy. Fresh, milled flour has a flavor that is delicious and cannot be replicated with “regular”, bagged flour.

    I bought the Nutrimill, and like it a lot.

    Any more questions? I’m up for it!

    Joanna, did you make some??? Maybe you could bring some when you come this weekend. You know……for the babysitting deal.

  10. Kristen said

    Let me say this…. I find Vital Wheat Gluten at Kroger’s, Wal-Mart and then also as the commissary here on base. I have heard to add 1 tablespoon per cup of flour. The gluten has always been in the baking aisle at all three stores. We used to make it without it but it IS better with it! It is much softer. Also, we don’t have a mill, but we buy Bob’s Red mill whole grain flour and it’s great too! Probably not as great as Allison’s Boche Milled Fresh flour, but good for our poor “mill-less” family! Hey! If you baby sit maybe the gift could be a mill for Joanna!!

  11. joanna said

    Dear Best-Friend-Allison-

    Yes, I did make some. What did I eat for dinner yesterday? BREAD! I used white flour and obviously not the vital wheat gluten because I didn’t have any and I’m impatient like that. But I’m telling you, that bread is as good as…no wait, way better than any bread you can buy at the store. It was so soft, I could hardly believe it. I made 10 rolls and two loaves. I cut the recipe into one-third since I wasn’t sure how it was going to turn out, but it was delicious! And as I don’t have a mixer I made it by hand. This bread recipe is totally worth a weekend with 9 kids I don’t know (minus the guns and dead animals, except for maybe dead insects, dead rodents and even dead lizards). I’ve been making bread going on two years now and every recipe I try is just OK, not totally delicious…except for my challah recipe which is divine. If you lived down the road I’d bring you a thank you present AND watch your kids this weekend.

    Oh, and I think Kristen’s on to something. Mill for babysitting? It’s a deal!

  12. J said
    She has everything a person would need….& she is great to work with…..she would be very helpful to someone getting started….

  13. Zum said

    Well, I don’t have a Bosch mill ….. or vital wheat gluten ….. or 8 cups freshly milled whole wheat flour (milled in the new mill) …………….. but, after hearing about all of that, I sure want to go out and BUY everything to make BREAD! The post was good but the comments from everyone were even better! (Sorry about that, Alison.) 🙂

  14. Lori said

    I have tried this same recipe with white flour and with store bought whole wheat flour and it doesn’t work the same. It came out like a brick and, well, needless to say, the deer were fed well for a while.

    There IS magic in God’s creation, as soon as you use fresh, whole ground wheat, POOF!

    By the way Allison, butter works!!! It browns quicker, but with the price of it these days, I’ll stick with canola oil until we get to the farm and have a cow!

  15. Lori said

    Ok, so I guess I didn’t know how to make bread – hers turned out! Hmm….

  16. Lori said

    I MUST have done something wrong with this recipe. I made it last night instead of my own signature recipe and my family told me that it tasted like Milkbone dog bisquits. Guess I’ll stick with my own recipe, thanks anyway!

  17. Nicole said

    Just letting you know… we have laid to rest your Whisper Mill. We were privileged to have been with it during its final days. We are not sure what finally did it in. The last time we saw it, it easily milled corn into cornmeal. Then, when wanting to mill wheat it simply gave out. Happily, it did not suffer much, and its death was quick. Hesitantly, we pulled the plug.

    Now looking for a mill. Thinking about buying a Champion Juicer, which has a grain mill attachment. Wondering why you did not just by Bosch’s grain mill attachment, instead of buying a whole new machine?

  18. oliveplants said

    Let me give you my sincere condolence! What sorrow must be in your home. I’m sorry that it did not last longer than it did!
    About the Bosch attachment…..Anyone who knows more than I do on this subject can just jump in here, but, in the small world of Women Who Make Their Bread Daily in Large Quantities Using a Bosch, the attachment you’re talking about just doesn’t do it for them. I don’t know why, but I DO know that the general consensus is that the Wonder Mill (which is the Whisper Mill resurrected by another company) or the Nutrimill are now the mills of choice by said group. I’m sorry I can’t be more help!
    I will send you a private email about the magazine.
    Thanks for commenting!

  19. TW said

    This set of comments IS hilarious!!!! And I’m wondering…how did Lori’s family *know* that her failed bread tasted like “Milkbone dog bisquits???”

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