A Totally Trivial, I-Can’t-Believe-I’m-Writing-About-Something-This-Frivolous Post

May 12, 2008

I used to have curly hair and, admittedly, I was maybe a little bit of a snob about it.  Because all those girls in high school who laughed at me because I was very tall, VEEERRRRRY skinny, and extraordinarily geeky, did NOT have curly hair, and wanted it.  They just didn’t want to admit it, which, thinking back, was probably why they were so mean to me.  Yeah!  That’s it!  So, actually, I WASN’T a geeky nerd who loved algebra and sentence diagramming…..they were just jealous! 

There.  I feel better now. 

But after years of all of those curls, especially when I was in college and would run to class in 12-degree weather with my hair wet, and it would dry into all these beautiful, wonderful, soft, delicious, chocolate-flavored curls, I had a baby.  And my hair looked like a parking lot afterwards.  Not the parking stripes part.  Just the flatness part.  

Even my DAD had something to say about it, which is significant.  He said this….”WHAT happened to your HAIR?!”  And he was appalled.  Like I had just gotten a tattoo of a naked lady, or something.  (Now go back and read that sentence again, but this time pronounce “naked” like “nekkid”.  Because that’s how we say it here.  Got a problem with that?)

Over the years, the curls have slowly been TRYING to come back.  Not in full force, mind you, but a little wave here, and a little bend there.  And I know that there are SO many more important things happening in the world and in the lives of people everywhere, and this is not one of them. 

I KNOW that, okay? 

But I still miss my curls, and I want to apologize now for the days when I woke up back before I had children, and my curls were sticking up or out…..and I whined.  I wanted straight, thick, shiny Asian hair that swung around my shoulders and down my back, even though I’m not Asian.  Technicality.  I whined and I’m sorry.  Really sorry. 

Recently, I was referred to a book called “Curly Girl”.  It is about females having curly hair.  I should be a professional book cover writer, shouldn’t I?  I know.  I’m good at that kind of thing.  Really, it is a book about encouraging women who have REALLY curly hair, to stop straightening it and fretting about it….blah, blah, blah.  I bought the book because I wanted it to have a magic formula for restoring my curls.  And it did! 

I gave myself a haircut yesterday, implemented a few of the tricks, and I have a lot more curl now than I did a month ago. 

I. am. thrilled.

But my husband?  TOTALLY doesn’t get it.  Doesn’t get why I bought the book.  Doesn’t get why I need my curls back.  Doesn’t get why I spend time even thinking about my hair.  Doesn’t get why women need to feel attractive sometimes. 


He doesn’t get chickdom.

Kinda like how I don’t get the whole POSSIBLE-TORNADIC-ACTIVITY-TONIGHT-WHOOHOO! thing.



3 Responses to “A Totally Trivial, I-Can’t-Believe-I’m-Writing-About-Something-This-Frivolous Post”

  1. Mindy said

    Oh, man, I so TOTALLY relate to this! The same thing happened to me. I have been able to get the curl to return a little by creative cutting–okay, by actually GETTING a haircut more often than every 2 years. But having my first baby killed the curl. Sigh. But, at 15 years old, I guess he’s almost worth it now. :o)

  2. Momma said

    Can’t wait to read the book and give it a try . . . just so long as I don’t have to sit around with oatmeal plastered on my head. THAT’S a scary thought! 🙂

  3. joanna said

    Wow, I have straight hair, but four daughters with very curly hair. Maybe I should read that book and it can teach me something about how to take care of it.

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