May 14, 2008

It’s amazing what happens when you say “Arizona” to people who wonder why you’re not scheduling your children’s next dental appointments.

Oh my.

It opens up a whole……..THING, and I know that’s not the best word, but I can’t figure out how to describe this woman’s reaction to my “We’re moving to Arizona, so we won’t ever be coming back here again” statement at the pediatric dentist’s office today.

It pushed some sort of button on her, that made her say this…..

“Oh, Arizona is so……UGLY!  There is NO green down where you’ll be!  I mean, we were driving and driving, and I kept looking and looking for green, and there was no green!  I was hoping to see some green grass or green trees or green plants, ya know?  And the green just weren’t there!  You’ve just gotta realize that there is no green in the Arizona desert!  I mean, NO GREEN AT ALL!”

And I really, REALLY wanted to ask her to explain what she meant exactly, because I just wasn’t sure that I understood her point.  You know.  The point about the lack of….what was it again?  Oh yeah.  GREEN!

And then the OTHER receptionist said something that REALLY made me sit up and listen, because I have NEVER HEARD IT BEFORE!  But I had to look like it was original and surprising and all.  Oh brother.

She said, “You know.  It’s REALLY hot in Arizona!”


6 Responses to “GREEN!”

  1. Tina said

    We were living in Ohio when my husband found out we had gotten his dream job in England. You wouldn’t believe the reactions… I clearly remember the nurse at our doctor’s office saying, “England?? Why???” And we got a never ending litany of “You know, it rains A LOT in England?”
    So I feel your pain. Really I do.

  2. amy said

    That is funny!
    People for some reason love to be the bearers of all news that is bad…..:)

    I am leaving to go overseas for a little over 3 weeks, and I can’t tell you how many people of said to me…..

    “Watch what you eat over there…So and so went there last month and he had diarrhea the whole time.”

    “Hold on to your money; watch it carefully! People over there are just waiting to rob you blind.”

    I could go on, but you get the point….I’m now sitting here half afraid I’m going to be suffering with diarrhea and have no money to buy Immodium with.:)

    God Bless,

  3. Ashley said

    The Air Force just moved us to Arizona last fall. We went through the same things! Every person said how hot and dry it would be. They kind of felt sorry for us! It is true though there is no green unless it is fake grass which some people do put in their lawn. It is a little funny! We actually live up in Prescott which is in the mountains so it doesn’t get quite that hot so we are lucky. You definately get sunburned very easy here. Well good luck with the move and the adjustment!

  4. Heather said

    I have many feelings about Arizona that I will not share since you are moving there:)

    OK…I can’t help it…I MUST share:


    Don’t say I didn’t warn you:)

  5. Heather said

    Oh, wait! I have good news for you….

    Juan will look as if he belongs:)

  6. Nicole said

    FYI… After i graduated high school i drove with my brother from California to Virginia. Arizona and New Mexico were my favorite states. I thought the rock formations were BEAUTIFUL! The aridity and lack of green was refreshing and clean somehow.

    I think the pediatric dental lady was just jealous!

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