An Addendum

May 15, 2008

First of all, if this is your first or second time visiting my blog……WHERE have you been?  And secondly, you have to read this post first, in order to understand the one you are reading right now.

The little girls were watching Sesame Street this morning, and all of the sudden, the 6-year-old jumps up and kinda slinks, sheepishly over to me.  She looks at me with this weird little smile on her face, and questioning eyes.  And then she asks this…..

“Mommy?  You know those ladies (her word….CERTAINLY not mine!!) you were talking about yesterday in the van, that dance?  Well, do they……..ahem……uh……wear hats?”

And I think I could just end this post there, because that was enough to make me bust something, laughing, but there’s more.

Me: “Well, I’m not really sure what they wear because I’ve never been there.”

6-Year-Old, hugely surprised….:  “But, Mommy!  It’s okay if YOU go!”  (Yesterday, we discussed how Daddy had once turned down an invitation to this type of place, and had come home instead because he knew it was not a place the Lord would want him to go.)

And I just didn’t get into the fact that there are at LEAST 724 BAZILLION other things I would rather do… of which would be to endure QUITE a few more of her 3-hour temper tantrums…..than partake of that form of……um…..uh…..again, at a loss for words.

And that is all I am going to write about that. 

Because I think my pastor’s wife reads my blog sometimes, and she already thinks I’m a little weird because I don’t know how to……um……sew and quilt and stuff.


4 Responses to “An Addendum”

  1. joanna said

    YOU DON’T KNOW HOW TO SEW!!! Ahhhhhhh!

    Can’t wait to have these conversations with my girls. Maybe I should teach them how to read Korean instead.

  2. Palmetto Boy said

    Why don’t you write a book on all those “jewels” that spring forth from that 6 year old’s mouth?! A very funny email—-AGAIN!

  3. Momma said

    Oh my stars! (I wondered if there would be more blog ‘fodder’ on that post.) Hats! I don’t know either. She is the funniest thing! I about hurt myself laughing at this one too. So did Granny Gumdrops.

  4. Johanna said

    Too funny! I know my day is coming with these questions. Right now the worst I deal with are questions about my boys finally noticing various parts of anatomy and questions about how my baby is going to someday “pop out” – those are my three year old’s words. How cute!

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