Allergy Boy

May 16, 2008

My husband thinks allergies are girly.


You know the boyfriend in “Sleepless in Seattle” who slept with a humidifier at night, and all those kleenexes, and was wimpy and whiney, and just so NOT Tom Hanks?

That’s what he thinks allergies are about.  Humidifiers and kleenex boxes that don’t come with pictures of guns or Black Hawk helicopters on them.  Apparently, he’s okay with the whining part.

But here’s something funny.  Guess what he has in his possession RIGHT NOW, and may even be using as I type this?

An inhaler.


See, he was having all these symptoms for months.  Ones that made him cough and wheeze and have headaches and whine.  So he finally went to the doctor, and she gave him all manner of…….yep……allergy medications.

He was NOT a happy boy.

But he stopped wheezing and coughing and having headaches.  The whining, however, has NOT stopped.

Because ya know what?  He REFUSES to believe that he has allergies.  In fact, when our 3-year-old came down with symptoms similar to his, but that cleared up with antibiotics, he deCLARED that he just MUST have passed it to her……..even though I informed him that allergies aren’t contagious.

But he refused to believe that.

Until yesterday.

When he drove himself to the clinic halfway through his daily run because he was having breathing troubles again.

And had forgotten his inhaler at home.

And, lo and behold, when they gave him a breathing treatment… know, the kind that people with ALLERGIES use?…..he was fine again.

Boy, was he mad!

He is REEEEALLLLY counting on Arizona to clear up those allergies. 

You know.  Arizona?  Where it’s really, really hot?


7 Responses to “Allergy Boy”

  1. joanna said

    Hmmm, not sure he’ll get any relief there. But if you move to Florida he might!

  2. Kristin said

    Just a heads up… some allergies clear up in AZ, and others get worse. Who knows, maybe he’ll need TWO inhalers! lol But seriously, I hope the climate in AZ does him good.


  3. amy said

    It’s really, really hot….and there’s no green.:)

  4. Heather said

    I moved to the midwest from California (explains a lot doesn’t it?) about 12 years ago. Never had an allergy until I moved here. Didn’t even know what a ‘sinus infection’ was until I moved here. I am willing to bet his allergies will clear up considerably when you get to AZ.

    God DOES have a GREAT sense of humor, eh?

  5. Momma said

    Um …… are mothers-in-law allowed to say “I TOLD YOU SO!” and still remain in the good graces of their sons-in-law? No? Oops; well, then, delete that ‘I TOLD YOU SO!” Sorry about that, Allergy Boy. 🙂

  6. Ashley said

    Don’t count on that! All of my kids allergies got worse when we moved here. Not sure what there is to be allergic to with no grass and not many trees but something is out there!

  7. Nina said

    I was wondering when 2 year old’s name was going to change.

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