Me? Wishy-Washy? Not Really. Why Do You Ask?

May 17, 2008

I know.  I’m getting on your nerves.  Sorry about that but I couldn’t do without my statcount meter.  That other template didn’t let me have one.  And I couldn’t stand not knowing whether the person in India read my blog yesterday, and how many of you visit me.  I know.  It’s weird, but it motivates me.  It challenges me.  Because when I was in high school?  No one liked me.  Everyone laughed at me, and not in a good way. 

I like that you read me whenever you do, and laugh WITH me.

And maybe it makes you a happier mommy or grandma.  Maybe it helps you find the joy in your days.

And I’m happy about that.


4 Responses to “Me? Wishy-Washy? Not Really. Why Do You Ask?”

  1. joanna said

    Oh good, I like this better. But that pink font color is a bit on the um…eye-twitch-inducing side.

  2. Mindy said

    I like this way better, too. :o)

  3. Zum said

    Oh, Great! PURPL-ISH! I LOVE it! Even though it may not look quite as ‘crisp’, (as someone said) I have to say this page is more ‘friendly’ looking. Kind of homey – in a very nice way. It says, “Come and sit a spell and visit with me.” And we DO enjoy the visit!

  4. Kristen said

    Well, I am a tad disappointed about the loden green but like the header a LOT better!! You can see the whole scripture verse.

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