This Morning

May 25, 2008

This morning, I let the children watch a little bit of “Facing the Giants” after breakfast.  I was busy working in our bedroom, which is just off the living room where they were watching.  I had just finished nursing our newest little one, and he was sitting on his biggest brother’s lap also enjoying the Greatest Non-Animated Movie Ever Created.  The rest of the children were in various states of repose, scattered around the room, eyes glazed, mouths open, brains blank.

All of the sudden, the children started laughing as they were watching, and said, “He just burped!”  And, immediately, for a full 3 seconds, here is what my brain said,

“There is an audible burp in the movie?!  How can that be?  I’ve seen this movie 83 times, and even though I had trouble hearing every word because of all the sobbing I was doing, I didn’t EVER hear THAT!  Isn’t there someone who screens these things for body noises and edits them out?  How did this movie get to be so popular among classy people such as ourselves?  I mean, this isn’t a movie that only 12-year-old boys would like!  Burping?!  I just can’t believe an upstanding establishment like Sherwood Baptist would condone such uncouthness!  Boy, the director’s wife must be unable to show her face in public anymore!  WHAT was he thinking, anyway?  How tacky!  And I’m letting my children watch this?”

And then I realized that they meant that our BABY had burped.



I need to get out more.

And find more appropriate things to get bent-out-of-shape over.


One Response to “This Morning”

  1. Joanna said

    That is hilarious!

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