May 29, 2008

Since I start a LOT of my posts with “So.”, I’m going to do it a little differently today.  Because I’m kinda crazy like that. 

Well.  (And I’m gritting my teeth right now, because I really NEED to write “So.”  But I’m going out on a limb today.  Just for you.  You’re welcome.)

I realized the other day one very important thing that has left me in a frenzy ever since.

In the fall, I will be responsible for the education of a high schooler.  Can I get a “Yikes!” please?  All together now. 


Yeah.  That’s how I felt.  That, and…..

I’m just not sure I’m capable of that.  And you can just FORGET about me having ANYTHING to do with Geometry because, although I was a B+ student?  Failed Geometry.  Totally.  You could put a gun to my head and ask me what sine, cosine, and tangent mean, and I would NOT be able to tell you.  And then you’d have a mess to clean up.

I’m not even sure I SPELLED them right, that’s how far from my reality Geometry is. 

And if you’re a Geometry geek (I’m looking at you, Oklahoma-friend-who-is-so-much-more-intelligent-than-I-am-that-I-have-to-give-myself-a-pep-talk-before-I-call-her-to-just-chit-chat), don’t tell me what sine, cosine, and tangent are because I have cleansed my house of all icky-Math.  And the explanation may burn my eyes.

Now I’m wondering if sine, cosine, and tangent are actually TRIGonometry.  See?  I told you they have nothing to do with my life.  And no, I don’t have a problem with that.

So basically, I have to squeeze into the next 4 years, everything that I forgot to teach my almost-high-schooler in the last 9.  Do you see a problem there? 

Because I do.

And now I need to go lie down and breathe deeply for awhile. 


6 Responses to “Eek.”

  1. Lori said

    They say you don’t know anything until you’ve taught it to someone else. You’ll look at it this time and the lightbulb will go off. Don’t worry – I don’t think in bread making (of any kind or from any country) she will be using sine, cosine, or tangent. Well maybe tangent — I often go off on a tangent when my bread doesn’t come out right. LOL!

  2. The Oklahoma Friend said

    Sorry, no Geometry help from me! I’m an Algebra girl! I’ve never known ANYONE who likes both Geometry and Algebra–well, okay, except for my math-major husband, but math-majors SO do not count. I HATED Geometry–still do. I love the orderliness of Algebra, and the fact that there is ONE correct answer. Geometry is way too nebulous for me to even tolerate. :o) Feel better?
    More intelligent–bah!

  3. alatheia said

    You spelled them right (I only know that because I just finished geometry about 3 weeks ago, and I was so SCARED by it that the spelling of these words are seared into my mind to where I can’t possibly erase their unpleasant memory!) but I can’t really tell you how to use them. Yes I know, the confessions of a home-shooler! The good thing with geometry is that you get to use a calculator though! That’s enough to cheer anyone up! If you are like me that is…

  4. Happy Geek said

    Does Geomtry make the bread rise?
    Get grass-stains out of clothes?
    It doesn’t eh?
    Clean up?
    Then really, it’s not that important anyway:)

  5. Susan said

    Oh my I still have a couple of years before I have to worry about this. I am thankful so far all I have is girls I can hopefully get away with not having to be as strict about learning as much as you would have to teach a boy.

  6. Patti said

    Are you kidding!? This is an AWESOME opportunity for you and your highschooler. Really, this time I’m not being sarcastic! You learn it TOGETHER. How empowering for your HS kid to explain to YOU the numeric elegance of some stupid geometry thingy. Remember how in college it was so grown-upish to get together with for a study group? You two are going to TEACH each other those silly words (btw, I think you spelled a couple of them wrong…it’s “sign”, “co-sign” 😉 I took geometry in summer school, so there you go.

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