Dear Wonderful, Patient, Attractive Readers,

June 3, 2008

Sounds like I’m gonna ask you for money, huh?  THAT would be cool, huh? 

For me.

Actually, I am having loads of trouble remembering to click the “Allow comments” box after I write a new post!!!  WHAT is WITH me?

Please know that it is NOT that I don’t want any comments!  Truthfully?  I wait breathlessly on the edge of my seat for your comments!  Really!  I have to stop myself from getting out of bed at 2 a.m. to see if anyone has commented yet that day.  The only thing that stops me is knowing that me getting out of bed MAY wake Yummy Man, who will then ask me what I’m doing, and after I tell him,  he’ll tell ME how pathetic my life is, that YOUR comments make me so happy.


Please don’t stop!  YOU keep trying to comment, and I’LL keep trying to remember to make it so you CAN!

How’s that?


Olive Plant Mommy Blogger who is currently in Comment Withdrawal because I haven’t had any comments today, except for the nice lady who left one on my “About Me” page.  Because I checked THAT “Allow Comments” box ages ago when I made the page.  Before my brain dropped out of my head into the garbage disposal.


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