I’m Stealing…..

June 3, 2008

an idea from a blog that I love whose author gets, like, 10 trillion hits a day.  Because she’s funny.  And she leads an interesting life.  And she has great giveaways, which is not something I’ll ever have because the only things I would have to give away would be a very well-used Tupperware container that melted in the dishwasher or a very foul dog.

And if it was a REALLY bad day, maybe a toddler or two.


Her readers write in and ask her questions about herself or her life or her kids or her cowboy husband, or whatever suits their fancy.  And she answers them on a slow day.

So I decided to try it!  I sorted through ALL the MANY questions I get each day, and here’s one I decided to answer today.

Nina asked me when the 2-year-old’s name is going to change.  My answer would be that Nina has not been paying attention lately, and is probably reading ANOTHER mom-of-many blog but doesn’t want to admit it.  So she throws out a question like this to make me THINK she’s still reading my blog, when it’s obvious she isn’t much.  Because the 2-year-old became 3-Year-Old almost a month ago. 

And that is the only question I’m going to answer today. 

Mainly because it’s the only question I have ever been asked about my life on my blog, though it pains me to admit it.  So really?  I feel special that Nina cared enough about my life to ask a question about my sweet little newly-3-year-old. 

Nina?  You’re off the hook.  You are allowed to read other mom blogs if you must.  Just don’t tell me about it.


5 Responses to “I’m Stealing…..”

  1. Kelly said

    First off reading your blog makes my day! I’m sad when there isn’t anything new 🙂 Instanly puts me in a better mood on “those” kind of days.

    So I have a question: what is your favorite homeschooling tip? Especially for youngers.

    BTW I just ordered your book and am looking forward to laughing in my livingroom 😉

  2. Happy Geek said

    So, would you like us to ask you a question?
    I just have Juan or two.


    When do you leave for Arizona?
    Are y’all driving?
    If so, where can I send the excedrin?
    What’s your favorite kind of music?
    Did you know that it’s hot in Arizona:)?

  3. TW said

    **LOL** Very Very Hilarious comments, Happy Geek! Oh my Oh my. Olive Plants, please please please… DON’T stop writing! Our whole family loves your blog! Certain members really enjoy the rotting-carcasses-type-of-post b/c they are, umm, male–young males. Know what I mean? “Eww gross! Read it again, Mom, that was cool!” Where else are they going to get to read stories about [icky] things they like to do, too? Oh, and something else I thought of: if you got the “church photographer” to take another family photo of you guys before you leave you can keep your “pattern” going, the “pattern” of putting a new family photo in the church directory once every TWO children. And then we could keep it forever and remember what you all (including the two AFTER your just-turned-three-year-old) looked like before you moved to AZ, where it’s hot.

  4. Patti said

    ok, this comment is for the previous entry where you tell us you sometimes forget to let us comment…remember? well, I just wanted to tell you I LOVE how you love your hubby. You call him Yummy Man, you tell us the good things he does and how you appreciate him. It reminds me how much I love my husband and should be appreciating him more. So, Thanks!

  5. Nina said

    I wish I knew how to make an embarrassed smiley thing so I could show you how red my face is!
    My desktop died and the only online access I have now is my husband’s laptop, which is only home at night, early am, and on weekends. I’m not complaining, it’s actually done wonders for my housework. I’m just sayin it has really affected my blog reading time. PLUS, it’s curriculum shopping season, and that’s how I’ve been spending much of my limited computer time.

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