The Day It’s Going to Be

June 3, 2008

Here are the reasons that I know right now that today is gonna be a rough one:

1.  I was awakened at 5 a.m. by a storm.  And let me just say that, here in the Midwest, when you say “storm”?  Funnel clouds and gale-force winds and tornado sirens and hail are usually what you have to look forward to. 

So I laid in bed, imagining how badly our house could be ruined, how much the insurance company would pay, and how long it would take to fix. 

Because it’s on the market. 

The real estate market. 

Which means that we need to sell it.  And most prospective home-buyers are not looking for houses recently obliterated by storms.  Funny things, those buyers of homes.

2.  The children all woke up earlier than they needed to.  Not because of the storm, though.  Our basement, where most of them sleep, is a fortress, so they can’t really even hear the storms. 

No.  They woke up too early because Almost-2-Year-Old began our day by banging his sippy cup on the wall by his crib.  And it resonated.  There was resonation.  Basically?  Resonating occurred……here in the house that has no insulation between floors.

Now, I don’t know about YOUR house, but here in OURS, whenever the children don’t get enough sleep, bad things happen.

Very bad.

There is fighting.

There is crying.

There is toy-throwing.

There is defiance and disrespect.

And there are tantrums.

Oh, are there tantrums!

Did I mention tantrums? 

So we’ll see how the day actually goes.  I’m a tad bit apprehensive.  I’ve given myself the Mommy Talk.  You know the one……”Be patient.  Be kind.  They are sleepy.  You are the parent.  Be gentle.  Be loving.  You are the parent.  Don’t roll your eyes.  Don’t whine.  You are the parent.  YOU ARE THE PARENT.  Mommy tantrums are not allowed.”

Man, it stinks being the parent some days!  Are you with me on this? 


4 Responses to “The Day It’s Going to Be”

  1. Heather said

    Totally with you on this. Someday, when my children are crabbin’ at me, I am going to throw myself on the floor and just throw the biggest tantrum they have ever seen. Just because I AM the mom and deserve to throw a tantrum once in a while:)

    Storms. LOVE THEM. Instantly put me in the BEST mood.

  2. Joanna said

    I hope it went okay despite the rough start…

  3. Kristin said

    I hope that this morning began better than yesterday! I feel for you mama!

  4. Johanna said

    Is that what happens in your house when the kids don’t get enough sleep? In my house, kids who are sleep deprived become even more like perfect little angels than normal! (read previous sentence with sarcasm so thick that you can slice right through it!) I feel your pain…

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