June 4, 2008

Not so bad, actually.

Because we had Jambalaya for supper which always cheers the children up. 

Aside from that?   

Remember the storm that woke us all up WAY TOO EARLY yesterday morning?

Totally fried the modem.  I was connecting at 4.8.  Yes.  There are no numbers missing in that sentence. 

And yes, we are one of the 9 people left in North America who have dial-up.

Not that I’m bitter or anything.

(Note to self……one more reason to think positively about moving back to the city when we get to Arizona.  My favorite initials.  D.S.L.)

When my husband got home last night, I had 2 hairs left on my head.  And I was very close to pulling THOSE out too, such was my frustration with the internet connection speed.  So Yummy Man switched modems for me and now I’m connecting at the SCREAMING speed of 26.8!

Stop laughing.

It hurts my feelings.

And then I was subjected to watching a DVD that I seriously regret buying.  The one with the old guy who whistles EVERY TIME HE SAYS AN “S” which is another reason I had only 2 hairs left on my head.  And as I’m sitting there watching this video with my son who wanted to watch it for “Mommy Time”, all I can do is listen very intently for those “S”es.  Not because I ENJOY how he says them, but probably the same reason that people stare at car accidents.  YOU JUST CAN’T LOOK AWAY.

It also helps to distract myself from the fact that this man is ripping the skin from cute, furry, and very dead animals.  And he is VERY excited about it, stroking and petting and talking to the animals who just happen to be (yell inside your head when you read this next word) DEAD!!!!!!!  While a bald guy looks on…..WHILE SUCKING ON A LOLLIPOP.  Who DOES that beside cartoon characters?! 

Oh yeah.  One more thing. 

There was an unfortunate explosive diaper incident that required a significant amount of time and effort and smelling salts to clean up. 

But I’m not complaining.  Because at this point in my life?  ANY day without vomit is a good day!


5 Responses to “Yesterday?”

  1. Joanna said

    Dial up? It’s like fingernails on a blackboard.

  2. Kristin said

    My parents still use dial-up… by CHOICE!!!! I know, it’s amazing I’m as sane as I am. LOL

  3. Mindy said

    Well, I’m glad to know that it could have been a lot worse. At least you weren’t sitting in the living room with a big pile of black and navy blue dress pants, towels, and jeans, still wet from the washer, picking miniscule pieces of WHITE house paint off of them because someone who will remain nameless picked up a Walmart bag outside and stuck it in their pocket–a bag that, unknown to that person, had been used to hold used paint brushes that were covered with white paint. Said bag was washed with the clothes, and the rest is history. But no, I’m not bitter.

  4. oliveplants said

    Okay, Mindy, YOU need a blog! =)

  5. Zum said

    “…..connecting at the SCREAMING speed of 26.8. Stop laughing” That’s EXACTLY what I was doing! How did you know? 🙂

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