Last Night

June 5, 2008

So the evening began well last night.  Lots of promise. 

After 2 separate tries of new glasses, my husband finally found a pair that looks good on him.  Okay, not good.  ROCKIN’ good!  Now, he’s not just Yummy Man.  He’s Yummy YUMMY Man…….and you’re supposed to put emphasis on the capitalized “yummy”.  Because I know y’all practice that around your house during the day.


Secondly, while he waited for his new, yummy glasses to be made, he wandered around and found a……

Let me pause here and take a deep, shuddering breath.  You do the same.  You’re gonna need it.

He found a Yankee Candle Store.

Let’s all have a moment of silence, shall we?

Okay.  First of all, I didn’t know these even existed.  Did you?  And if you DID, and you didn’t tell me?  Well…….um……SOMEthing bad and rebuke-ish, but I can’t think of what right now.

When I found out that there are, in fact, entire STORES of candles and candle accessories, my head started spinning and I had to sit down really fast.  Because just THINKING about all the “flavors” of candles in that store just about made me swoon.  And then my Yummy Man with his new glasses?

Just kill me now.

He bought me two Yankee candles which, in my book, is 100 zillion-million times better than flowers.  So he scored big.

And then we were completely and totally hammered with some seriously severe weather.  Tornadoes touching down.  Homes destroyed.  Winds of 100 mph.  Massive amounts of rain.

And hail.

Hail the size of half-dollars, and one inch thick.  I saw it with my own eyes.

Because my husband risked his life to GO OUTSIDE DURING ONE OF THE MASSIVE storms, to get a piece of the hail so that the kids could see it.  And don’t think it was all noble and in the name of homeschooling.  Oh no.

This morning?  He asked me if I had any ideas on how he could get it to work without it melting.

See?  It’s like show-and-tell for weather geeks.


7 Responses to “Last Night”

  1. Joanna said

    Oh my gosh, that’s hilarious. Did his weather-geek friends like it as much as he did?

  2. Susan said

    O.k. what is it with men and storms. My dad and husband were out last night taking pictures while the kids and I are in the basement praying they don’t get blown away.

  3. Lori said

    oh my GOSH! It has to be a testosterone thing – or something. How funny is this. Yankee candle has and apple-cinnamon-spice that is out of this world, but that, of course, is my favorite. Enjoy!

  4. Wanda said

    You can also get coupons in the mail with the latest scents that you can scratch-n-sniff from the yankee candle website. My girls think those are the neatest things and I think it is neat to save some money.

    I know what you mean about yummy men with glasses. . .mine always wears them to bed (hint, hint). Being a nerd myself, I’ve always liked the nerdish look.

    With the hail-Chris, too, went outside to check out the hail, but he got hit in the head instead. We, too, are moving (to Kansas City) and we need to sell the house, so the thoughts of how much would insurance cover, would we have flooding, would the skylight crack, etc. kept us awake last night. But, at least he wore his glasses!

    Anyway, we are moving a whole lot sooner (like next week!) and I was wondering maybe you would answer my question on your blog: how do you keep your house show-ready with 9 kids, an infant, homeschooling, and all the stuff that 9 kids have? And keep your sanity? Especially when the realtor calls you with only a 1/2 to prepare?

    Thanks, Wanda

  5. Tina said

    I just LOVE Yankee candle! Did you know they have a mint chocolate chip candle???!! mmmmm….
    Have fun with your new candles… what flavors did ya get?

  6. Momma said

    Take a piece of hail to work without it MELTING!?! You’ve GOT to be KIDDING!!!!! I must admit I have wondered at times about his sanity ….. but now I know for sure ………… you’re in T-R-O-U-B-L-E !!! I’m sorry to have to say it, Allison, but ….. Yummy Man isn’t playing with a ‘full deck’ if ya know what I mean.

  7. oliveplants said

    First of all, I dreaded the whole keeping-the-house-show-ready thing and doubted it would be realistic. But I just made a list of everything that needed to be done before a showing. I put it up in the kitchen, and now when we get a call, we leap into action. My oldest is in charge of getting the kitchen ready, one son is in charge of putting the dog in her kennel, the littler ones go clean the playroom, etc. I just run around, yelling out orders, tripping over shoes, and figuring out where to hide the dirty underwear that is in the hamper.
    We can get the house ready to be soon in about 45 minutes. If someone was sitting in my driveway, calling my realtor, wanting to come inside, we could do it in 30 minutes.
    By the way, I LOVE challenges, so I totally feed off this kind of thing. I’m always mulling over how I can fine-tune the whole thing to make it go faster, be cleaner, etc. It’s a sickness I have.

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